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Kaaki (2005)

Direction: Bobbili Bhanu
Release Date: 9th December, 2005
Banner: Khandoba Productions
Presenter: Smt. Vijaya Reddy
Music: Pramod Sharma
Screenplay: Bobbili Bhanu
Dialogues: Bobbili Bhanu
Executive Producer: K Sridhar
Cinematography: M Joshi
Editing: Rambabu
Art: Yadhukrishna
Producer: G Ashok Reddy

Gurlin Chopra,
Rami Reddy,
GV Sudhakar and Others.

Story: The killings become a sensation and a police SI (Rami Reddy) and CI (Brahmaji) are on hunt for this girl with a wish to frame charges against her and put her behind bars. And they do it once; but Home Minister gives telephonic orders to release her. We also find a senior police officer (Surya) ordering his subordinates not to touch Farah. Obviously he has some relations with her. She with a broad smile and gun in hand could threaten anyone of her choice

Brahmaji gets hold of a CD containing criminal acts of Farah. When he declares he is arresting her she breaks into tears and starts narrating her past, that comes to us as a flashback. According to this story, Farah went to meet a friend in her house, living in another city. A locked door greeted her. GV (Sudhakar), a rowdy sheeter, captured her on road and took her to his home. To satiate his hunger for sex, he locked her inside a room, starved her for ten days and raped her day in and day out. He also invited a friend of his to do the same. He then threw her out, at a dustbin, where a rag picker, picked up this opportunity and forced her into sex. Then he too invited three other rag pickers; Farah bit the neck of one of them, like a vampire. He died on the spot and the rest ran away. Then it was the turn of a police officer to make the same attempt on her but paid it in his being murdered by the girl who used a screwdriver; he was using to break ice for his drink.

Obviously moved by the story, Brahmaji softens. Taking this as an opportunity, she wished a person of his kind be her husband even for a day. Brahmaji softens and starts spending time with her. That is the time his SI (Rami Reddy) comes there and is shocked to see the change in his senior and tells him that he hates him now, for succumbing to the farcical story she narrated. He then shoots both of them dead to stop this kind of culture spreading.

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