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Mukhachitram (2005)

Direction: S Babu
Release Date: 2nd December, 2005
Banner: Sri Raja Rajeswari Movie Makers
Presenter: D Suresh Babu
Music: AS John
Cinematography: Abdul
Editing: K Ravindra Babu:
Producer: Ramana Maddineni


Sri Varma,
Giribabu and Others

Story: This film is, indeed, the face the of the present Telugu cinema in general. That is what is called 'Mukhachitram' in Telugu. What a pity! They could not give semblance of a story even. The narration moves in a haphazard way. Sometimes it talks about youth power and at another time about sex. The bedroom scenes on a nuptial night are ugly. We find a 21st century girl, that too well educated, talking of the possibility of getting pregnancy, the moment the man touches her and switches off the light. So she wants to keep the light on and not to touch her. When he produces a condom, to convince her of protecting her from conceiving, the girl blows air into it and converts it into a balloon and plays with it. The moment the man touches her, she requests him to remove the hand. These are the scenes we find between a newly wed couple. The director explains away all this, as a kind of lack of sex education. He argues the need of it too. Fortunately there is no discussion about AIDS. All these scenes and some other constitute a purposeless scenario. At another time the director shows a group of youth, fully drunk and getting under the wheels of passing vehicles. Then we find three friends angling for a girl. We also come across a terrorist amidst this senseless drama, only to be booted by the youth, claiming that 'youth' can do anything

These are all examples to tell that this film has no proper 'Mukhachitram'. The basic objective is to tell that the present day youth are careless and aimless in shaping their future. By the time the film moves to the finish, you fail to understand what it has said till then. It is all about college going youth. A young man Seenu (Srinivasa Verma) flies back home from abroad to marry his niece Ramya. She is afraid of marriage because of her own fallacies. This is one part of the drama. The second line of narration depicts the irresponsible behavior of the youth, like the way they drink and even go to the extent of extracting money from their parents threatening them of dire cionsequences if they did not part with money.

On the third track we come across a terrorist who tries to use these very youth for his own subversive activities. He even goes to the extent of attempting to capture Ramya for blackmail. What all we see in the film are tidbits, like a pair of tribals presenting a root of a plant to the newly wed bridegroom, telling that this root, if taken in a glass of milk will act as a kick start of sexual emotions of a woman. But another man swallows it by mistake. The way that man winks at his wife and behaves is nauseating. The film ends with a clash between the hero Seenu and the terrorist.

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