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Name: Namitha Kapoor
Profession: Actress, Model, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: May 10, 1981
Sun Sign: Taurus
Height: around 6 ft
Birth Place: Gujarat
Nationality: Indian
Education: B.A. English Literature
Languages known: Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati

Tamil: Engal Anna opposite Vijaykanth
English: Maya
Telugu: Gemini
Hindi: Love Ke Chakker Mein
Kannada: Neelkanta

Introduced: Director Siddhique
Childhood friends: Ranjitha, Purvi

Flowers: White roses
Colours: White and black
Author: Sidney sheldon
Heroines: Jyothika, Tabu and Nandita das
Hero: Sarath kumar and Vijaykanth
Singer: Enrique Iglesias

About herself: has very high self confidence
Like to act along with: Kamalhasan, Amitab,Rajini, Vikram
Hobbies: Watching TV, Traveling, Reading, Spending money
Pet dog: Goofy
Loves: Yashvi, her niece
Likes: to spend time with her family and to eat good food
Hates: to wake up early

1998 - Miss Surat title
2001-came third in the Miss India event

The body, the looks, the glamour, you name it she has got it! Yes, Namitha Kapoor one of the most coveted and popular south Indian actress and she is on full throttle and fully loaded to take control of your senses. She has got the guts to show what it takes on the silver screen and she never fails to contribute her part to the overall flavor of the movie.These days her star value is so high that any movie featuring her can expect a decent reception at box office. Standing a 6 ft tall and weighing more than 70 kg she sure is voluptuous and has made her mark in the hearts of millions of fans. Her beauty, her dance, her figure, her acting, you don’t really have anything in your hand to complain.snamitha

She was born on May 10, 1981 in Surat, Gujarat. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. She started it out in Tamil movies. Her entry to Telugu movies wasn’t very hard because of her modeling background and she even entered in the Miss India contest and came fourth.
Malayalam director Siddique introduced her in movies; the movie “Engal Anna”, gave her a big break. Her popularity in Tollywood was increasing and movies like “Gemini” and “Sontam” faired well in the box office. She also appeared in an English film named Maya directed by Eric Manning. Now she has got movies of different languages to her credit, she acted in English, Tamil and Telugu movies in a very short amount of time. This of course is an indication of her commitment and hardworking nature.Namitha was a tough girl even from her school days. She learned karate and is said to be a black belt now. She wanted to live an ‘on track’ life with discipline and she loved martial arts for a good reason. Her karate tricks once helped her to get rid of a smutty chaser boy who chased her in a bicycle. No matter whatever she do, she never fails to make it to the media, whether it is about giving a helping hand to the tsunami affected by participating in a charity function or about filing a complaint to the police against the bad guys who threatened her boy friend, she is right there in the news. And the media is always happy to get a piece of her or two at regular intervals.Namitha believes that one should be bold to face the problems that come their way and running away would not be a solution to the problem. This has been like a theory for her to hold on to and fight against bad things that are to be encountered on the way. Everybody knows that the route to the stardom is harsh, but as a tough girl Namitha has successfully managed it all and it is because of the same reason many consider her as a teen idol.She recently showered her wrath on Parthiban who is the director of her new movie called “Pachakuthirai” for allegedly using her as a ‘glamour doll’ for the movie and not providing her enough script to act on. But the director did not make any response because just like you and me the poor director also knows the reason why that film is still running in theaters.Though Namitha is the only daughter of her family she wants to go on with her acting career and she dreams about people recognizing her as a good actress even after a long time. Her upcoming projects include “Malligai malare” (Tamil) and “billa 2007” with Ajith. And she is currently shooting “Azhagiya Tamil Magan” with Vijay and “Njan avanillai” with Jeevan.Nowadays she is working overtime to finish movies. She has got a lot of movies in her hand right now and more is on her way. No matter whatever the deal is, you can’t resist this tall young well built beautiful thing. She got the talent; she got the guts and of course she got a long way- to go.FILMOGRAPHY:
Year, Language ,Film ,Co-Stars, Director Role
2008 Telugu Jaganmohini- Raja, Announced
2008 Telugu King- Nagarjuna, Sreenu Vytla Filming
2008 Tamil 1977 Sarath Kumar Madhuravan Announced
2008 Tamil Pondy Raghava Lawrence Madhuravan
2008 Tamil Kettavan Simbu, Lekha Nandakumar Filming
2008 Tamil Sandai Sundar C Sakthi Chidambaram Filming
2008 Tamil Perumal Sundar C Vincent Selvah Filming
2008 English Maya Sunny Malick Eric Manning Post Production
2007 Tamil Billa 2007 Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara Vishnuvardhan CJ
2007 Tamil Azhagiya Tamil Magan Vijay, Shriya Saran Bharathan Dhanalakshmi
2007 Tamil Naan Avanillai Jeevan, Sneha, Namitha, Jyothirmayi, Keerthi Chawla Selva Monika Prasad
2007 Tamil Vyapari SJ Suryah, Tamanna, Namitha Shakti Chidambaram
2006 Kannada Neelkanta Ravichandran Om Sai Prakash
2006 Tamil Nee Venunda Chellam Ramesh, Gajala
2006 Tamil Thagapansamy Prasanth, Pooja Umashankar
2006 Tamil Pachchak Kuthira Parthiban

2006 Hindi Love Ke Chakker Mein
2006 Tamil Kovai Brothers Sibiraj, Sathyaraj
2005 Tamil Englishkaran Sathyaraj
2005 Tamil Aanai Arjun Sarja, Keerthi Chawla
2005 Telugu Nayakudu Dr. Rajsekhar Kodi Ramakrishna
2005 Tamil Bambarakkannaley Srikanth, Arthi Agarwal cameo
2005 Tamil Chanakya Sarath Kumar
2005 Tamil Aai Sarath Kumar
2005 Telugu Aithe Enti Soma Vijayaprakash
2004 Telugu Oka Radha Iddaru Krushnula Pelli Prabhu Deva, Srikanth
2004 Tamil Engal Anna Vijayakanth
2003 Telugu Oka raju Oka Rani Raviteja
2002 Telugu Gemini Venkatesh saran
2002 Telugu Sontam Aryan Rajesh,Rohit Sreenu Vitla

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