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Date of Birth:
15 August 1895, Vemuru, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India more
Date of Death:
30 December 1955, Vemuru, Guntru District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Generally heroes have “star craze” and the “star craze” began with heroes. But in telugu , it started with villainy role. And his name was “Vemuru Gaggaiah”. He was a famous stage artist. He debut in telugu film industry with East India’s “Savitri” in the year 1933 as “Yamadharma raja”. As he did his maximum he got star craze among people. And also this film is a big blockbuster during those days.

During his childhood, his mind was fixed on music and later on it diverted towards acting. He learned acting by his own and he did many stage shows. In Rangoon he performed stage shows for a long period of 10 months.

He easily learned how to sing in a high pitch. As there were no speakers or mike sets, artists have to sing with high pitch tone. And Gaggaiah did his best in talking in a high pitch tone.

He was famous for the roles like “Yama”, “Kamsa”, “Jarasantha”. His cruelty and violence belong to only cine and drama life. In general life he was a great disciple. He helped lot of people in many things.

R.S.Manohar, great stage artist in Tamil. Once he said that he was inspired by seeing the performance of Gaggaiah. He also said that no one can succeed Gaggaiah in the stage dramas. It was one of the best credits in Gaggaiah’s life.

1. Garuda Garvabhangam (1943)
2. Bhakta Prahlada (1942)
3. Seeta Rama Jananam (1942) .... Ravana
4. Dakshayagnam (1941)
5. Chandika (1940) .... Giriraju
6. Mahiravana (1940)
7. Jarasandha (1938)
8. Markandeya (1938)
9. Mohini Rugmangada (1937)
10. Draupadi Vastrapaharanam (1936) .... Sisupala
11. Sati Tulasi (1936)
12. Shri Krishna Leelalu (1935) .... Kamsa
13. Seeta Kalyanam (1934)
.14. Savithri (1933) .... Yama

Music Department:

1. Seeta Rama Jananam (1942) (playback singer)

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