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Danger (2005)

Release Date: 29th October 2005
Banner: Karthikeya Creations
Direction: Krishna Vamsi
Story: Krishna Vamsi
Screenplay: Krishna Vamsi
Dialogues: Uttej
Background Music: Jashuva Sridhar
Cinematography: Om Prasad
Editing: Lokesh
Producer: Sunkar Madhu Murali

Allari Naresh,
Sairam Shankar,
Colors Swati,
Siva Prasad,
Satya Prakash,
Ravi Prakash,
Vinay Varma,
Kota Sankar Rao,
Ahuti Prasad,
Krishna Bhagawan,
Hema & Apoorva.

Story: Karthik (Sairam Shankar), Satya (Allari Naresh), Ali (Abhishek), Lakshmi (Swathi) and Radhika Reddy (Shireen) are teenage buddies. They set off to attend a party to celebrate the engagement of Lakshmi. On the way they collide with a police vehicle and speed away to the party happening in the outskirts of the city. They then enter forest to avoid the chase of cops. There they tumble upon a ghastly incident where a politician taking the live of a toddler as an offer of Narabali to the Goddess. Ali shoots the entire episode with his video camera. The goons of politician start chasing these teenagers now. The rest of the story is all about how these people emerge victorious by exposing politician and corrupt cop.

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