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Khushi khushiga (2004)

Release Date: 16th April 2004
Banner: Aditya Ram Movies
Presenter: Aditya Ram
Direction: G Ram Prasad
Music: SA Rajkumar
Story: Siddiq
Screenplay: G Ram Prasad
Cinematography: D Prasad Babu
Art: Hari Babu
Jagapati Babu,
Ramya Krishna,
Bhanu Chander,
Giri Babu,
MS Narayana,
Delhi Rajeshswari
Story:Suryaprakash alias SP (Jagapatibabu) is a chronic bachelor. He hates girls. However, he stays very near to a ladies hostel, where his stepsister Sandhya (Nikhita) is staying. He sponsors her entire expenditure for her well-being but did not reveal the truth, though he stays in the next door. His uncle (Giribabu) and aunt (Delhi Rajeswari) worry that their son Srikumar (Venu) is going out of track and is always moving around with girls. So, SP advises his uncle to send him to his house so that he could mould him in a proper way. As per his advice, Srikumar and his close friend, who was also his car driver Yerrababu (Sunil) reach SP's house. A new girl Satyabhama (Sangeetha) joins the hostel and loses her heart to SP. Srikumar also loves Sandhya at first sight, which is against the wishes of SP. later, SP brings Sandhya to his home to keep her in safe custody in his house and throws out Srikumar and Yerrababu to the guesthouse. However, SP realises that Sandhya is also in love with Srikumar and accepts their love. Srikumar's parents also accept their love, but Bhavani (Ramyakrishna) enters the scene and sprinkles seeds of suspicion in the mind of Srikumar's mother about the antecedents of Sandhya. Then SP transfers his entire property in her name and tries to convince Srikumar's parents. When Srikumar's mother insists about the back history of Sandhya, he reveals that she is none other than his stepsister. During the engagement of Sandhya, Bhavani again surfaces and takes Satyabhama away from the function. But Bhama escapes from her house with the help of Srikumar.

Khushi Khushigaa

At this juncture, Srikumar, Bhama and Yerrababu wanted to know why SP hates women, because there should be some strong story behind his hate on woman. They ask Maidanam (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam), who is staying with SP for some 20 years. They realise that SP and Bhavani were good friends and loved each other long ago. But some family disputes arise after Bhavani's father Neelakantham (Devan) cheated Rayudu (Bhanuchander), father of SP. He grabs their entire property, which SP was able to get back after a prolonged legal battle. Bhavani believes that her cousin brother was killed by Rayudu, but did not know the truth that Neelakantham himself killed him to take revenge on Rayudu. In fact, Rayudu has two wives. Sekhar (Bhanuchander) and Sandhya are the kids of his first wife, while SP and another daughter are the children of legal wife. Rayudu disowns his first wife fearing loss of prestige and Sekhar bores grudge against the entire family and leaves the house. SP's stepmother admits Sandhya in an orphanage and dies. From then onwards, SP starts looking after Sandhya's welfare. When Srikumar's parents were about to fix muhurat, Sekhar enters the scene and takes away Sandhya. As SP transfers his entire property on Sandhya's name, Sekhar throws away SP from his office at the behest of Sandhya. At the same time, he fixes her marriage against the latter's wishes. But SP, who was the well-wisher of Sandhya decides to get her married to Srikumar as per her choice and succeeds in his attempt. He finally teaches a lesson to Neelakantham and brings out the fact that his father is innocent and Neelakantham is the real culprit. Bhavani attempts suicide, but realises that SP remained a chronic bachelor because of his love towards her and joins him which forms the climax of the film.

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