Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




: Vasu

Music : Satyam
Banner : T.V.International
Dialogues : Jandhyala
Release Date : 12 February 1981
Produced by
Mahendra K. .
Music Department
Balasubramaniam S.P. .... playback singer
P. Susheela .... playback singer
Cast :
Prabhakar Reddy,
Satyanarayana and others.

Krishna(krishna) and Kishore(Chiranjeevi) are friends who play tricks on every possible person to make their living.
The movie starts with kishore creating nuisance in a bar and krishna bargaining with that bar owner to handle this issue.
Later they plan to make money by creating fake accident, but kishore gets attracted towards Geetha(geetha), who is driving that car and forget his purpose.
Krishna meets Rekha(Madhumalini), and falls in love with her. Rekha works for Rao(Raogopalrao) and Reddy(Prabhakar Reddy) because, they've captivated her father to know secrets about a treasure.
Krishna and Kishore repeatedly cheat a person by changing their appearances but ultimately get caught when they're drunk and go to jail.todu dongaluIn jail, they're threatened by another prisoner who claims to be henchman of Bhoopati(Satyanarayana). Both heros revolt against bhoopati. Bhoopati attacks them but sees 'star' marked tattooes on their hands to realise that they're actually his sons and reveal his story to them.
Bhoopati is helped by his friend Kantarao, but kantarao is cheated and killed by Rao and Reddy and Bhoopati is framed under these murder charges.
Father and sons decide to teach a lesson to them and release Rekha's father seetaramayya.
Krishna joins Rao's gang using Rekha and Kishore joins Reddy's gang with help of Reddy's daughter Geetha to provoke them against each other. They plan conspiracies against each other but Rao and Reddy unite and heros get caught, when they try to kidnap Rao's mentally challenged son and try to release seetaramayya.
After getting caught, they manage to escape and take help from Geetha to use Rao's son to know whereabouts of Seetaramayya.
After a song and fight they manage to release seetaramayya and bring him back home but Kishore is caught by Rao and Reddy's men.
Krishna is also trapped and brought to their den, where Bhoopati helps them in climax fight and ultimately Rao and Reddy are arrested by police and Bhoopati's family re-unites.

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