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irected by

K. Vishwanath
Writing credits
Maruthirao Gollapudi dialogue
K. Vishwanath screenplay
K. Vishwanath story
Produced by
Allu Aravind .... producer
Sastry V.V. .... producer
Original Music by
Mahadevan K.V.
Cinematography by
Film Editing by
G.G. Krishna Rao
Art Direction by
Thotta Tharani
Camera and Electrical Department
Sarath .... camera operator
Music Department
S. Janaki .... playback singer
Puhalendi .... assistant composer
Purnachandra Rao .... playback singer
Balasubramaniam S.P. .... playback singer
Sailaja S.P. .... playback singer
P. Susheela .... playback singer
V. Seshu Parupalli ....
Chiranjeevi ... Narasimha Murthi
Sumalatha ... Sujatha
Satyanarayana Kaikala ... Ankela Adiseshayya
Tulasi ... Lakshmi
Ramana Murthi J.V. ... Jagannatham
Girish ... Mohan
Subhalekha Sudhakar ... Murali (debut)
Rallapalli ... Gurnadham
Hemasundar ... Bhattu
Nirmalamma ... Narasimha Murthy's grandmother
Krishnamurti Ch. ... Srinivasa Rao
Jit Mohan Mitra ... Keshava Rao
Pushpakumari ... Sujatha's mother
Potti Prasad ... Subba Rao
Satyanarayana Vankayala ... Challeshwara Rao
Arun ... Rao
Allu Ramalingaiah ... Lawyer Chillara Bhavani Sankaram (guest)
Sakshi Ranga Rao
Gnaneshwara Rao
Krishna Chaitanya
Subhalekha has Chiranjeevi in the lead role and was made by K. Viswanath. It was the first time they both came to work together and after this successful movie went on to make 2 more movies, Swayamkrushi in 1987 and Aapathbandhavudu in 1992. The film was made at a time when Chiranjeevi had started getting lead actor roles and followed the immensely successful film Intlo Ramaiah Veedhilo Krishnaiah. After making Saptapadi in which he dealt with the social stigma of caste system, K. Viswanath followed up with this film in which he dealt with the social malady of dowry system. The film was released on 11 June 1982 .
Murthi (Chiranjeevi) is a multi talented person who works as a waiter in a star hotel since he is unable to pass his B.A. exams. He meets Sujatha (Sumalatha), a lecturer who works in a college run by councillor Ankela Adiseshayya (Kaikala Satyanarayana). Mohan (Girish) who is an engineer and elder son of Adiseshayya comes to Sujatha's place along with his father for marriage proposal during which Sujatha stands up and has argument with Adiseshayya when the latter demands exorbitant amounts as dowry. This creates a rift between Sujatha and her parents who fear that this act of Sujatha might ostracize them from society.Adiseshayya also dismisses Sujatha from her job. During this difficult phase Murthi, as a friend provides solace to Sujatha which is mistaken as an affair between them and Sujatha is forced to leave her home. Murthi creates a big ruckus during the felicitation function of Adiseshayya and humiliates him. Adiseshayya retaliates by hiring goons to beat up Murthi and also gets him dismissed from his job. Left with no choice, Murthi takes Sujatha to Hyderabad and meets Rao (Arun) whom he had met during the latter's stay in the hotel where Murthi had worked. Rao, who is in a senior post in Allwyn hires Sujatha.

Back home, Lakshmi (Tulasi), younger sister of Sujatha, falls in love with Murali (Subhalekha Sudhakar) who is the younger son of Adiseshayya. Murali threatens his father of suicide and forces his father to get him married to Lakshmi. Left without a choice Adiseshayya who had dreamed of getting a lot of dowry since his son is a doctor accepts the proposal with very little dowry. After marriage Lakshmi leaves to Sujatha's place where Murthi arranges for a marriage between Sujatha & Rao. Lakshmi with consent from her husband also files a suit against Adiseshayya to surrender his son, Murali to her since she paid for him during her marriage to teach Adiseshayya a lesson. Seeing this notice, Adiseshayya along with his son and Laskhmi's parents come to Hyderabad just before the marriage of Sujatha. The climax deals with how Adiseshayya is taught a lesson and also ends with the marriage of Murthi & Sujatha as per the wishes of the latter. Adiseshayya returns to his home, only to find that his elder son, Mohan had married the widowed cousin of Murthi.

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