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Banner: Durga Arts
Dialogues: Satyanand
Songs: Seeta Rama Sastry & Vennelakanti
Music: Keeravani
Photography: S Gopal Reddy
Editing: Shankar
Producers: KL Narayana, S Gopal Reddy and Y Lakshmana Chowdary
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Ram Gopal Varma Also Read
Paresh Rawal,
Horseman Babu,
Rami Reddy,
Krishna Rao
Narsing Yadav

If SHIVA introduced Ram Gopal Varma as a promising director to Telugu screen, his second film KSHANA KSHANAM proves that Shiva is not a chance success. Young Ram Gopal Varma displays his mature mind in cinematography art, in framing every scene of Kshanakshanam in Hollywood texture, well helped by the photographer S Gopal Reddy and editor Shankar. This film is rich in visuals, audiography and then in content too that too totally absorbing despite of its meager volume of subject. For that matter, it is an experiment how a small subject can be expanded into an engrossing two-hour drama, keeping every character active. And Ram Gopal Varma achieved it. He gave the film more classic touch than just catering to the mass taste.
The theme despite of its ghastly exterior has a core of lighter vein drama, which basically sustains audience interest. A group of thugs rob a bank and lock up in a canvas bag more than a crore rupees of cash stolen from the vaults of the bank. In the process a watchman is killed. The bag is hidden in a railway station cloakroom and the receipt is accidentally hurriedly drop by one of the rogues into the handbag of a working girl Satya (Sridevi), who chances to visit a photo studio where the thugs are present. Once the chief of these rowdies, by name Nayar (Paresh Rawal) comes to know of this, he and his men begin the chase for the girl Satya, unaware of what is in store for her she is surprised when one of these goons visit her house. In the ensuing struggle, a goon gets killed and Satya is framed for the murder.

She is on the run now. She falls in company of Chandu (Venkatesh), a small time thief and pickpocket, when the latter saves her from another bunch of rowdies. The police headed by Inspector Yadav (Rami Reddy) also chase the pair. Thus, the three groups set out and move into forests, where most of the drama occurs. The entire film, from then is nothing but chase and relevant adventures in the process. Analyzing the situation, Satya and Chandu realize that there is a chit in her bag for which the gang is chasing them. And they get back to Satya apartments, which is heavily guarded by the police. They manage to enter stealthily and to get hold of the receipt of the cloakroom. And at the same time the gang also is after them. Now the drama shifts to railway station and then on to a train, where the climax is set. A dramatic action finish is given to the film.

Sridevi corners histrionic glory. Paresh Rawal as Nayar who appears to have spoken his dialogues himself, with terribly affected accent, manages well to kick up humor in his eccentric appeal. Venkatesh is strong in action scenes of fight and chase. The music by Keeravani is another asset.

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