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Banner: Siri Sai Surya Movies
Music: Vidya sagar
Dialogues - Lyrics: Vennelakanti
Cinematography: Arthur A Wilson
Stunts: Vikram Dharma
Editing: M Prabhakaran
Choreography: Brinda - Dinesh
Story - Screenplay: Kamal Hassan
Presented by: Kamal Hassan
Director: C Sundar
Producer: Sangisetty Sabitha, G Lakshmi Narayana
Release date: 28th February 2003

Kamal Haasan,
Kiran Rathod,
Yuhi Sethu,
Uma Riyaz Khan,
Santhana Bharathi.

Story: Satyam (Madhavan) is a savvy ad filmmaker who is stuck in Bhuvaneswar airport due to natural calamity. Sivam (Kamal Hassan) is a nerd-like handicapped man who is very raw. These two people with contrasting personalities meet each and become friends forcibly due to the situation they are thrown in. Satyam is in hurry because his marriage is about to happen in 4 days. All the communication systems and commuting facilities are dislocated. Satyam and Sivam embark on their journey back to Hyderabad through various modes commuting. In their journey they encounter so many things. Satyam learns that Sivam is a wonderful human being. Sivam has flashback where he fell in love with Bala (Kiran Rathod). The rich father of Bala spoiled his love relationship. When he is about to get married, Sivam meets with a terrible accident that makes him handicapped for the rest of the life. Through this accident, Sivam loses contact with Bala. While traveling back to Hyderabad, Satyam and Sivam have close encounters and see a kid dieing in front of their eyes. The rest of the film is about how they realize that God is not somebody who lives in temples, but God is the one who lives in form of men/women who does good deeds.

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