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Santosham (2002)

Banner: Sri Durga Arts
Dialogues: Diwakar Babu
Lyrics: Sirivennela & Kula Sekhar
Camera: S Gopal Reddy
Art: Ashok
Music: RP Patnaik
Editing: Krishna Reddy
Screenplay: Gopi Mohan & Dasarath
Story - Dialogues - Direction: Dasarath
Producer: KL Narayana
Release Date: 9th May 2002
Gracy Singh,
K Viswanath,
Kota Srinivasa Rao,
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao,
L.B. Sriram,
'Ahuti' Prasad,
Master Akshay,
Sudha and Anitha Chowdary.
Story: Karthik (Nagarjuna) is a well-placed architect in Ooty. He falls in love with Padmavathi (Gracy Singh), an IT intern. Padmavathi takes her own sweet time to accept Karthik's love. Padmavathi has a cute cousin sister Bhanu (Sreya). Bhanu encourages their love and gives courage to Padmavathi. When Padmavathi reveals about her love, her father Rama Chandraiah (K Viswanath) resists and asks her to marry the guy he has chosen for her. Padmavathi flees from home and marries Karthik. Padmavathi is very eager to get back to her parents and get their blessings. But Rama Chandraiah keeps them at bay. Karthik and Padmavathi migrate to New Zealand and they give birth to a kid named Lucky. Padmavathi dies in an accident. Rama Chandraiah has a very big joint family. A few of the family members opine that inviting Karthik and his kid for a marriage to be happened at their place would give an opportunity to get a closer look at Lucky, the kid of Padmavathi. When Karthik visits Rama Chandraiah's place he gets mixed responses from different people in the house. Rama Chandraiah doesn't like Karthik and others like him. Over a period of time, Karthik impresses them all and when he was about to go back to New Zealand, Rama Chandraiah expresses his repentance for whatever happened and says that he is accepting Karthik as his son-in-law. Bhanu has fallen in love with Karthik at first sight way back when she went to meet Padmavathi at Ooty. At that time she was not aware that Karthik was the same guy with whom Padmavathi was in love. She meets Karthik, a widower now. She continues having feelings for him. But at the same time, there is Pawan (Prabhu Deva) - a childhood fiend of Bhanu - who is deeply in love with her. Karthik returns back to New Zealand. Bhanu along with Pawan visits Karthik. They were there to write MS examinations. During that period Bhanu gets closer to Karthik. When Karthik realizes the intentions of Bhanu, he fixes Pawan as the fianc e for her. Now Bhanu is about to get married to Pawan. Karthik loves Bhanu, but is hesitating to repeat the history by marrying a girl against the wishes of family. Will they get united? You should watch this film on big silver screen to know yourself.

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