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Allari Ramudu (2002)

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Story - Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Camera: Ravindra Babu
Thrills: Vikram Dharma
Music: RP Patnaik
Screenplay - Direction: B Gopal
Art - Producer: Chanti Addala
Release date: 18th July 2002
Arti Agrawal,
K Viswanath,
Tanikella Bharani,
MS Narayana,
LB Sriram,
Jaya Prakash Reddy,
Siva Krishna,
Kadambari Kiran,
Chamundeswari (Nagma) is an industrial baron. She is a headstrong lady who loves money and neglects human relations. She dominates her husband (Naresh) completely. Rama Krishna (NTR) joins Chamundeswari's house as a servant. Se has a beautiful daughter named Mythili (Aarti) who is kind hearted and cares for poor people. In the process, Ramu wins the heart of Mythili. But, she is loved by a son of a minister (Vizag Prasad). Mythili falls in love with Ramu after looking at his innocence and loyalty. One day, Mythili dares to jump from a temple cliff when Ramu refuses her love. Ramu promises her that he would marry her to avoid that situation. Meanwhile, Chamundeswari get angry with Ramu for being in love with her daughter and summons her father Pasupathi (Jayaprakh) and her five brothers to help her. When they arrive to warn Ramu, we also see another old man (K Viswanath) entering the scene as the grandfather of Ramu. And it is revealed that Ramu and Mythili are related to each other. Ramu has a sister-in-law (maradalu) called Rukhmini, who is head on heels over Ramu.
Mythily and Ramu love is two-sided. Rukhmini's love is one sided. Chamundeswari settles the marriage of Mythili with the son of Minister. But Arti runs away from home and reaches Ramu's house in Piduguralla. Since Mythili is a minor, Chamundeswari lodges a police complaint. But Chamundeswari's husband says that she is not abducted and she came along with him to stay at Ramu's house, as they are relatives. Then the collector orders that Mythili should stay under government protection, till she becomes a major. After Mythili becomes a major, she prefers to return back to her mother. Would Ramu foils the marriage of Mythili with Minister's son and brings Mythili back with him or not is the point that's is dealt in the climax.

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