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Banner: People's Art Productions
Direction: T Prakash Rao
Producer: P Sivaramaiah
Screenplay: T Prakash Rao & MS Chowdary
Story: Vasireddy & Sunkara
Lyrics: Vasireddy, Sunkara, V Srikrishna & Srisri
Camera: Ajoy Kar
Music: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao

NT Rama Rao,
SV Ranga Rao,
TG Kamala Devi,
Naga Bhushanam,
Padmavathi and Baby Krishna Veni

Palletooru is a commercial hit. It served as a debut venture for the director T Prakash Rao and also has the Bengali cameraman-director shot this film. This film introduced a new ruralist melodrama. Contrasting scientific enlightenment with the backward superstition, the film also pits progressive hero Chandram (NTR) against the villainous moneylender Ganapathy (SV Ranga Rao)

A second plot strand features Kondaiah (Nagabhushanam) who wants to marry Suguna (Savitri). The moneylender tries to close down Chandram's Vishal Andhra (Greater Andhra) library in order to construct a temple in that place.
When the village is hit by famine, he starts hoarding food. The hero opposes him for which, he is arrested and tied in the court. The long court scene confronts the peasantry that supports Chandram with the rich landlords who persecute him.

The film used verity footage of Sankranthi festival shot in the Krishna district and included progressive poet Sri Sri's noted lyric Polalananni Balaladunni. Other ruralist films like Peda Raithu (1952) followed in it's wake.

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