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ADITYA 369 1991

Banner: Sridevi Arts
Screenplay & Direction: Singeetam Srinivasa Rao
Story & Dialogues: Jandhyala
Songs: Veturi
Music: Ilaya Raja
Cinematography: PC Sreeram, VSR Swamy & Kabir Lal
Presentation: SP Bala Subramanyam
Producer: Anita Krishna
Bala Krishna,
Tinu Anand,
Chandra Mohan,
Silk Smitha
Aditya 369 is the name of the time machine invented by an absent-minded professor Ram Das (Tinu Anand). It is a Telugu version of Hollywood's 'Back to the future' series. But Telugu rendition by director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and writer Jandhyala is meticulous. This film is also made by technically strong with stereophonic sound system that could be enjoyed in theaters where there is provision for stereo effects. This is also a cinema scope and the total result is awesome experience for the way the machine moves into past or future. Most of the film is made in the laboratory, it seems, as there are quite a few visual delights, explaining scientific knowledge.

The film opens showing Professor Ramdas's antics and his time machine, kept in an isolated laboratory. Krishna Kumar (Bala Krishna) is a young post-graduate and professor's cute daughter Hema (Mohini) take interest in the machine. A weird looking smuggler Raja Varma also wants to appropriate it. Rajavarma by then has already knocked off a huge diamond belonging to Krishna Devaraya period, from a museum and kept a fake one there. A lad Kishore (Master Tarun) is the witness of the theft. Having created all the important characters, director Singeetham flags off the journey of time machine with Krishna Kumar and Hema, with a policeman (Velu) accidentally entering into it. They go into past to Sri Krishna Devaraya period. So we begin seeing a historical for sometime featuring all the important episodes that the empires regime is linked with. And Jandhyala, the writer, also adds his own bit of imagination, inter-weaving the modern characters of Krishna Kumar, Hema and also the policeman. This is used purely for the farce. But the common factor is Diamond, about which we again see when the three travel, this time, into future a post third world war land, ravaged by nuclear wars, suffering from radiation. The sets for these scenes are well designed. So the three also experience what is there in store for this earth a hundred years hence, along with the prediction that Krishna Kumar died in the hands of Raja Varma in a fight to retrieve the diamond. Now once they are back to present to their home, Raja Varma is awaiting to knock off the Time Machine to disprove the news that he was killed by Raja Varma.
A very interesting film, a bit highbrow too. Yet a lot of entertaining scenes are incorporated. Bala Krishna had enough scenes to show his talent, not only as Krishna Kumar, but also the second character he is given as 'Sri Krishna Devaraya'. For Hema's role new talent Mohini is adequate. Velu gives relief in lighter vein. There are dance and songs sequences that are appropriately located. Ilaya Raja takes credit for melodious music. Tinu Anand, as a professor, impresses. Tarun in few scenes leaves his mark. Photograthy by PC Sreeram is another highlight of the film.

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