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Paandu (2005)

Release Date: 4th November, 2005
Banner: Sri Keerti Creations
Direction: Devi Prasad
Music: Mani Sharma
Story: Devi Prasad
Screenplay: Devi Prasad
Dialogues: Vegnesa Sateesh
Cinematography: Shankar Kanteti
Thrills: Ram-Lakshman
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Art: KV Ramana
Producer: ML Kumar Chowdary
Jagapathi Babu,
Madhu Sharma,
Sayaji Shinde,
Krishna Bhagawan,
Venumadhav and Others
Story: The girl, Sneha, who plays the TV anchor must be having her own fans as film actress. And there is nothing in the film to establish that bit of greatness of the anchor in her profession except her beautiful looks. After all, it is Sneha who portrayed that role. The middle-aged bachelor boy Paandu (Jagapathi Babu) plays her great fan to that extent that he is ready to lay his life for her welfare. And he is not the only fan for her. There is a sinister minister (Sayaji Shinde) who is also a fan in another sense. He feels he will be gratified if that girl spends one single night in his bed. The refusal earned her jail, because he is a state cabinet minister that too of Home. There are enough of rogue police in the service of the minister. They are worse than the minister's own goons. How this Paandu finally goes to the rescue of his celebrity forms the story.In the process you should be ready to accept and enjoy all the impossibilities and improbabilities, the director puts to our view, at the cost of credibility. Sneha plays this victim of the state minister Sayaji. Her name is Anjali, working as an anchor in an irresponsible TV Channel, whose MD fails to come to her rescue when she is thrown into problems. Even another young man who aspires to marry her and she too is interested to become his wife, also ditches her in the last minute. On the other hand, he even helps the minister and police in planting evidence in her house in the form of narcotic injunctions, so that the police show them as evidence of her involvement in drug trafficking and then jail the girl. Into this vacuum of any help, steps in the hero Paandu. He is invested, by the director, with all powers in the world. He can rush into police stations, beat them up or attack the Home Minister in his own home. None raises a gun.The minister's past time is painting oil pictures on canvas. In the absence of a canvas, he makes a nude girl stand before him and paints on her. What a taste. Paandu sends a buffoon-like lawyer, played by Krishna Bhagawan, to defend Anjali. He faces another buffoon like government pleader, played by Raghubabu. You have to take all this as entertainment. And there is Venumadhav, who behaves more like a lunatic in the name of doing everything 'differently'. There is no need to tell that the rouge minister is finally exposed, by the eye of a TV channel camera, Paandu's muscle power and director's screenplay presenting the hero as fresh as ever, even when he is profusely bleeding from a head injury caused by a severe hit on his head. The camera does not fail to put to our view dried up color patches on his forehead, which we have to believe that as bleeding. The heroine naturally lands into the embrace of her fan Paandu in the end. This act is sure to inspire the fan clubs.

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