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Andarikosam (2005)

Release Date:21st October, 2005
Banner: Sowjanya Creations
Direction: M Balu
Music: Pramod Sharma
Story: M Balu
Screenplay: M Balu
Dialogues: M Balu:
Editing: K Ravindrababu
Producer: Dr Sambhshiva Rao Dhulipalla
Keerti Chawla,
Charu Singh,
Jayaprakash Reddy,
LB Sriram,
Raghunatha Reddy and Others
Story: For this purpose the character of Sivaji (Dhulipalla) on the side of the police and a TV channel named as India TV are created. The TV journalist played by Srinath with Keerthi Chawla as his assistant plan their action. This is the set up to fight against a gang of five bad men – led by a former minister (Jayaprakash Reddy), who are involved in all sorts of crime, from arms smuggling to murders. Then there is a former cop (Narra Venkateswara Rao), who too wants the bad eliminated. His son is this TV journalist. Rest of the drama shows various crimes committed by the rowdies with an intention of using the smuggled arms to create havoc in the state in order to reinstate the former minister and then give him higher position in politics. How Sivaji and Srikanth bust the crime forms the last part and the climax. It is more cinematic than expected. For this they take the case to court, fix secret cameras all around the court hall, corner the police by creating artificial rain using the fire engine hose pipes and wind by using huge fans. Now the court proceedings are telecast all over the state, seeing which people resent the politician and his men. Thus finally peace is restored and the guilty are punished.

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