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Jaggu Bhai(2005)

Release Date: 11th November, 2005
Banner: Maganti Arts
Presenter: PR Hari
Direction: Vinod
Story: Vinod
Screenplay: Vinod
Producer: Maganti SVS Raja & Sagiraju Srinivasa Raju

Sujitha and Others

Story: This is a drama etched only to project the hero as an action star. This role of hired killer is played by Arun. He is obviously an orphan as at one stage he tells a questioner that he should never ask the name of his parents. He assumes the name of Jagannadh – the Jaggu Bhai of the film. The film opens showing a mafia don Bhasheer weeping over the murder of his brother. He now wants someone to avenge that by killing that killer. Who will do it is the question. Bhasheer's lawyer suggests the name of this hired killer Jaggu. The lawyer contacts the hero Jaggu and takes him to Bhasheer. Jaggu agrees to find and kill the killer of Basheer's brother. But he quotes five lakh Rupees for doing that job. Basheer offers double the amount.

The second part shows how Jaggu starts looking out for the persons who actually killed. He suspects one of the courtiers of Bhaseer. His name is Maya. His behavior is quite awkward. At times he shows the temperament of a wild animal. He was the right hand man of Basheer till Jaggu arrived on the scene. Jaggu starts suspecting the role of this Maya in butchering Bhasheer's brother. Basheer has opponents in the mafia game who crave to take the life of Basheer. And they realize that this Jaggu is now his protector. Jaggu one day is ambushed by the enemy and is driven to a place and left in an unconscious state. He gets into the house of a retired Army Major. The Major is living with his granddaughter Anjali (Sujitha). Anjali first protests against allowing the man to be given protection in his house. But a more kind hearted man, her grandpa, argues against it and takes him to the hospital. And Anjali is working there as a physician. After recovery question arises, where should this man to go, as the enemy is still prowling for their prey – Jaggu. The Major develops a kindness to him.

Anjali's parents are in Delhi by way of her father's transfer. They leave their daughter behind to stay with the old man. The police inspector Sudhakar is making his own efforts to nab Jaggu, as somebody complained against him. He discovers that it is Maya himself who did this. He reveals to Bhasheer Bhai that Maya was behind the murder of his brother and is now at his throat. Bhasheer calls for Maya. And Maya pretends as innocent and then chops Basheer's head. On knowing this, Jaggu is prepared to finish him. Meanwhile Maya captures a child Lakshmi whom Jaggu looks after, as his own sister. He kills her too, telling that he is jealous of Jaggu and hence wants to kill all the people belonging to him. But Jaggu succeeds in eliminating him. Meanwhile, Anjali realizes how Jaggu is forced into the mire of this cruel game and appeals to him that if he wanted her to continue friendship with him, he should put a full stop for it. And he does that after he closes the chapter of all his enemies. But the director wants to end the theme as a tragedy. And he does so by allowing the hero die in a closed room, which Anjali locks thinking that nobody is there.

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