Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Director :
Kadri Venkata Reddy

Writing credits
Samudrala Raghavacharya

: Narayana Swamy Moola and B.N. Reddi

Original Music
Chittor V. Nagaiah

K. Ramnoth

Art Direction
A.K. Sekhar

Production Management
Mudigonda Lingamurthy

Assistant Director
: Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao

Playback Singers
: Malathi, Chittor V. Nagaiah, Vanaja N.,
Bezawada Rajarathnam and Sivaram V.


* Chittor V. Nagaiah ... Pothana
* Mudigonda Lingamurthy ... Ajamilini
* Hemalatha
* Vanaja Naalam ... Pothana's daughter (as Baby Vanaja)
* Tanguturi Suryakumari
* Bezawada Rajarathnam
* Sivaram Vallabhajosyula ... Pothana's son
* Jandhyala Gaurinatha Sastri ... Sreenatha
* Malathi K. ... Sreenatha's daughter
* Samrajyam ... Court Dance


Potana is born in an ordinary peasant family. One day Lord Sri Rama comes into his dream and asks him to translate Bhagavatam into Telugu. He takes this as an order and starts to translate by saying "palikedidi Bhagavatamata palikenchidivadu Ramabhadrundata" and completes the translation. Potana's brother-in-law Srinadhudu is a great poet and pandit. He takes the patronage of kings and dedicates his works to the kings. He suggests Pothana to dedicate Bhagavatam to a King. Pothana declines his suggestion and dedicates his work to the God. Impressed by this Goddess Saraswatidevi gives salvation to his life.

Art direction is given by A.K.Sekhar and cinematography is by K.Ramnodh. Sri Gowrinadha Sastry has acted as Srinadhudu and Tanguturi Suryakumari acted as Saraswatidevi. The other main characters are done by Malati, Hemalata, Vanaja, Jayamma and Lingamurthy.

Sri Nagayya acted and composed the music also. His compositions such as
Sarvamangala nama seetharama, katukakanti neeru, Yevvani chejaninchu, Nidhi sukhama ramuni sannidhi sukhama, Paavana guna dhama, ye teeruga nanu daya chusedavo, idi manchi samayamu rara are immemorable.

Bhakta Potana has given inspiration to other devotional films such as Chakradhari, Bhakta Meera etc., In Mummidivaram of E.G. district an animal herd keeper has become a balayogi after seing this movie. Nagayaa lived in the role of Potana to an extent that he became physical representation of Potana. Sri K.V.Reddy won accolades as the director who got success in his first attempt. Bhakta Potana is a turning point in the life of Nagayya who was popular in social films until then.

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