Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Director: H.M. Reddy
Written by: Sadasivabrahmam Vempati
Music Director: Gundopant Walavalkar
Cinematographer: Sridhar P.
Other crew: Sadasivabrahmam Vempati


Lakshmana Swamy S.P. ... Tenali Ramakrishna
L.V. Prasad ... Mahamantri Thimmarusu
Koteswara Rao P.
Puvvula Ansuya
Ganga Ratnam P.
Hanumantha Rao T.
Parepalli Subba Rao
Subba Rao K.V.
Raju ... Child Tenali Ramakrishna (as Master Raju)
Rohini (as Baby Rohini)


Telugu filmmaker H.M. Reddy directs this tale about fabled court jester Temali Ramakrishna (also named Tenali Raman). The film opens with Ramakrishna (Master Raju) as a child being appalled after learning that the twice-married lecher Karanam is about to marry the nine-year-old Saubhagyam. He dresses up as the child bride, foiling the wedding and making a mockery of the groom. Years later, the adult Ramakrishna (S.P. Lakshmanaswamy) lands a job as the royal poet for the court of Krishnadeva Raya, where the scheming Brahmin soothsayer Tatacharya tries to manipulate the sovereign to his own ends. When the king's mother dies while eating a mango, he predicts that the royal mother's soul will not rest until the king gives every Brahmin a mango made of gold. Ramakrishna replies that his mother died with a longing to be seared with a hot poker, and then arranges for every Brahmin to be branded.

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