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Tiger Prabhakar
Died March 25, 2001
Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka
Spouse(s) Jayamala

Tiger Prabhakar, was the most popular villain in Kannada film industry. He was an icon in Karnataka and was feared by all the heroes of his movies.
Prabhakar started his career by acting as a villain in small-budget movie. After gaining recognition for his acting, he went on to act in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam movies. He has acted in around 400 movies.
His movie career started at the young age of 14 in the 70s. Kaadina Rahisya was his first. As his career progressed, he went on to act in stunt, action, and thriller movies. After playing the role of Tiger in Yaare Saakshi, he earned the sobriquet of Tiger.
His roles were very powerful and directors were in a dilemma about whom to cast as the hero. His muscular build and good looks added to the ferocity of his roles.
He also moved into directing movies towards the latter part of his career. Bombay Dada and King were directed by him where he also acted in the movies.
Prabhakar has helped a lot of people and contributed large sums of money to various charitable organizations. His move into politics was fueled by his passion to help people.
Prabhakar introduced Kanglish into Kannada movies. Kanglish is a mix of Kannada and English dialogs. Many mimicry artists recite his Kanglish dialogs during performances.

[ Filmography

Bombay Dada
My Dear Tiger
Kaliyuga Bheema
Good, Bad, Ugly
Thaye Nana Devaru
Agni Parikshe
Athirtha Maharatha
Satyanarayana Poojapala
Raja Yuvaraja
Arjun Abhimanyu
Kaadina Raaja
Putani Agent 123
Tayige Takka Maga
Badavara Bandhu

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