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Mallanna (Kanthaswamy) (2009) Telugu Movie Review by Bharatstudent


Rating: 2/5

Banner: V Creations

Cast: Vikram, Shriya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Krishna, Prabhu, Brahmanandam, Mumaith Khan, Y G Mahendran and others

Music: Devisri Prasad

Cinematography: Ekambaram

Director: Susi Ganeshan

Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu

Release Date: August 21, 2009


A boring tale, the story begins with Mallanna (vikram) who works with the economic offences wing of the CBI. He decides to do his own form of justice and takes up the form of 'Mallanna' in the night and resolves people's problems. In this process, he tends to loot the rich and distribute the money to the poor. During one such instant, he does the same to the wealthy PPP (ashish) and this upsets his only daughter Subbalakshmi (Shriya). She decides to take revenge and tries to woo Vikram but in vain. He realizes her moves but in no time they fall in love. Meanwhile, DIG Parantham (prabhu) investigates this story of Mallanna and slowly uncovers the identity. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a normal storyline and both the presentation and the narrative was pathetic. The dialogues were dull, the script was haphazard and the screenplay was weak. Background score was alright and so were the songs but cinematography was terrible. Editing was absolutely poor. Costumes were trendy and the locations were good, art department did a fabulous job. Coming to the cast, Vikram looked handsome and did his bit well while Shriya looked scorching hot, Ashish Vidyarthi was alright, Prabhu was regular, Krishna was standard, Brahmanandam was a waste, the others didn't do much to save the movie.


The film came up with a good hype but it was a poor and weak presentation. While the first half takes off on a regular mode, there is nothing in the second half to actually engage the audience. The romance track was missing, comedy was absent and the film was aloof from the audience. This will be a hard one to catch among the mass or the class, the frames were terribly short timed and caused visual stress. This will fizzle at the box office as there is nothing the Telugu audience can actually relish.

Bharatstudent Verdict : Utter disappointment!!

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