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Happy Birthday to Chiru : 20 years of my life with Chiru

This post is contributed by Ram from Chennai. His own opinions are presented.

I might be late in expressing my views on Chiru. Its almost time that the day is going to end. But the expression is important than timing.

I switched on the TV , someone said that Prabhu Deva's interview is coming on NDTV (its during Shankardada Zindabad release) watching curiously. I thought it would be nice if the anchor ask Prabhu Deva who is the best dancer in India. Surprisingly, the anchor asked "Sir, Who is the best dancer in India ? Hrithik or Chiranjeevi?". It was like so obvious for Prabhu Deva to answer "Its Chiranjeevi garu". I was very happy to hear such great words.

Its been I dont know when I became a fan of Chiru. I think I became flat for his dances and fights. My parents still say that when we went to Mutha Mestri I kicked my mama when the police beats chiru. Slowly I grew up and simultaneously Chiru's craze too increased. It was a treat watching his mass movies. The involvement in the characters whatever he does was amazing.

I still remember my 4th or 5th birthday function when I danced like anything for Bangaru Kodipetta.Even now when I saw it in Magadheera I felt that 30 seconds of Chiru's dance is enough to show that no one can ever match with Chiru in dance.

I think he is in his peak with hits like Gang Leader, Gharana Mogudu, Rowdy alludu. I was just hysterical. I am very young that I could not remember many things. But for the first time I hated a Chiru movie. Its Alluda Majaaka. I could not understand why Chiru accepted such a movie. A gap came after Rikshavodu another disappointment. After a year or two Chiru started his second innings with Hitler. Hits continued with Iddaru Mitrulu, Master, Chudalani Undhi, Annaya. But Mrugaraju was an utter disappointment. With a gap Chiru came as Indra. It once again showed the stamina of Chiru creating huge records. Tagore beat Indra.

Now he came into politics. As usually I thought Chiru would become CM. But its not that easy. As Chiru said he did not become Megastar in a single night. He worked hard. He stood no.1. He became one of the biggest stars in Indian film industry. I hope same goes with politics. I think Chiru is not a person with give up attitude. He works hard. Though PRP did not get many seats. They got the important 17% vote share approximately 70 lakh votes. Recent assembly meetings are making Chiru closer to Public. I hope he will perfom well in Politics too.

Some of the legendary movies like Rudra Veena, Swayam Krushi, Apathbandhavudu, Subhalekha, Challenge, Khaidi, Tagore won National awards, filmfare awards , nandi and so on.

I am proud to say that he was the first south indian hero to be invited to Oscar awards function. Once there was an article in India Today that Is Chiru bigger than Bacchan? Legendary director Balachander once said Chiru was a combination of Kamal and Rajini.

Now that Chiru went into politics I am very sad that he is not going to do any movies. But no as long as there is telugu cinema Chiru will be there. You cannot imagine telugu cinema without Chiru. He changed the entire meaning of cinema with his dances and stunts. Telugu Industry owes a lot to this great being.

You want comedy??
You want sentiment??
You want dance??
You want fights??
You want mass dialogues??
You want romance??

Anything this man can perform.

I sincerely wish my Megastar a very very happy birthday on his 54th Birthday. May god bless him and make him act in movies in the future.

Without Chiru I cannot imagine my life. I cannot be me without him.
20 years of inspiration
20 years of entertainment
20 years of Josh
20 Years of everything....

We miss you a lot on Screen annaya.....

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