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Music Director: Rahman A R

Pachani Chilukalu Lyrics

tandaanaane taanaane aanandamE (x4)
pacchani chilukalu tODunTE paaDE kOyila venTunTE
bhoolOkame aanandaaniki illu ee lOkamlO kanneerinka chellu
pacchani chilakalu tODunTE paaDE kOyila venTunTE
bhoolOkame aanandaaniki illu ee lOkamlO kanneerinka chellu
chinna chinna gooTilOne swargamundilE...are
chinni chinni gunDellOna prEma inkipOdulE
seetaakOkaa chilukaku cheeralenduku...are
prEma unTe chaalunanTa Dabbu gibbu lendukanTa

pacchani chilukalu

andani minnE aanandam andE mannE aanandam
bhoomini cheelchuku puTTE pacchani pasirika aanandam
manchuki enDE aanandam vaaguki vaanE aanandam...are
enDaki vaanaki rangulu maarE prakRuti aanandam
bratukE noorELLandam bratukE brahmaanandam...cheliya
vayasuDigE swagatamlO anubhandam anandamaanandam

pacchani chilukalu

nee Swaasanu nEnaitE...naa vayasE aanandam
maru janmaku nannE kannaavanTE inkaa aanandam
chali guppE maasamlO cheli voLLE aanandam...naa
chevulanu moostoo duppaTi kappE karuNE aanandam
andam O aanandam bandham paramaanandam...cheliyaa
itarulakai kanu jaarE kanneerE ananda maanandam

pacchani chilukalu

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