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Madhumaasa Velalo Lyrics

madhu maasa vElalO marumalle tOTalO
madhu maasa vElalO marumalle tOTalO
manasaina chinnadi lEdElanO

madhu maasa

aa aha aaa
paaDindi poola kOmma paaDindi kOyilamma
anuraaga mandhiramlO tana raadu paiDibomma
pranayaalu pOngE vEla pranayaalu pOngE vEla
naalOna ragilE edO jvaala

madhu maasa

udayinche bhaanudeepam vikasinchalEdu kamalam
nela raaju vraata kOsam lEchindi kannEkumuDam
valachinndi vEdanakEnaa valachinndi vEdanakEnaa
jeevitamanta dooraalEna

madhu maasa

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