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Marmayogi has Trisha, Shreya, Hema malini, Spray Makeup and Victory

Kamal Haasan's Magnum opus 'Marma Yogi' is scouting for the cast and crew for the film which has slowly started rolling. The days of stardom is fading away and times of incongruity is happening these days.

Popular star Venkatesh is being cast alongside Kamal Haasan in a very prominent role in the movie. Although surprising, this news bolsters to provoke a healthy scenario for the film industry and to elevate the market nationally.

'Marmayogi' is being made in three languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Buzz is that Venky was approached by Kamal to play a key role in the flick. He narrated the theme of the story & the character to which he is allotted. According to reports, the same role will be played by Amitabh Bachchan in the Hindi version of the film. The film also involves the crazy bollywood woman "Hema Malini".

Vekantesh has been looking out for a multi starrer with the apt script which has become fruitful with this endeavor. This will be his first tri-lingual film. Earlier his films were dubbed from Telugu to Tamil and he had worked also in Hindi.

Trisha and Shriya are acting in the movie which is a period flick. Recently the photo shoot of Kamal Hassan's magnum opus Marmayogi took place at AVM studio in Chennai. Trisha, Shriya and Hema Malini are reported to have taken part in the shoot along with Kamal.

The shoot took place under heavy security cover, and no mobiles were allowed inside the studio floor. Only people involved in the photo shoot was allowed inside and that too after frisking.

According to sources, Kamal is using the Red Camera for the film and a foreign cameraman is likely to shoot the film. There were two make-up people, a guy and a girl who had assisted in Hollywood films for the photo shoot. For the first time ever in Indian cinema, Spray makeup is being used for the artists in Marmayogi.

Spray make-up is the latest craze in Hollywood films. According to reports compiled from the net- "It is suited to all skin types, especially for Asian artists or anyone with sun damage because it forms a smooth later that doesn't sit in wrinkles. It suits acne skin because it's a clean delivery with no potential for cross-contamination. And it's also great for sensitive and post-surgery skins, because there's no pulling or rubbing of skin involved".

Our sources say Trisha was transformed into a glowing beauty after she used the magic Spray make up. The finished effect is very close to an airbrushed effect and is used for many photo shoots, though it is said to be very expensive.

Meanwhile reports have also come in that Trisha is learning to speak in pure 'sentamizh' way the Tamil language. It seems she has a Tamil teacher to teach her diction and accent as Tamil was spoken many centuries back.

Kamal is insisting that she not only dubs for the film but her pronunciation should be correct. The costumes and jewellery in the film is designed by Gowthami.

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