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Siddu From Seekakulam Movie Review


Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: Wellfare Creations

Cast: Naresh, Manjari, Shraddha Das, Venu Madhav, L B Sriram, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Chandramohan, M S, Dharmavarapu, Krishna Bhagawan and others

Music: K M Radhakrishnan

Cinematography: Dasarathi Shivendra

Director: Eashwar

Producer: Malla Vijayaprasad

Release date: 14/08/2008


A love story with a twist, the film begins with the story of Siddharth (Naresh) who falls in love with Sailaja (Manjari) at the first sight and from then on starts impressing her with his charms. Finally, she also falls in love with him but then there is a problem. Her father Obul Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a major factionist near Kurnool and to achieve some political motives he joins hands with long time rival and arch enemy Bhooma Reddy (Gangaraju) and promises Sailaja's hand to his rival's son. Siddu knows the real background of Sailaja and gets practical, he says that he cannot afford risking his family and his life and therefore wants to split. Sailaja is adamant and then puts a condition that Siddhu must come and be there throughout her engagement and marriage ceremony and if he can get through all that without any qualms then she will get married. Siddu accepts the challenge and comes to her place where he meets Nisha (Shraddha Das). While Sailu tries her best to win Siddu with her charms, he stays away. What happens after that? Does Siddu win against the power of love? Will Sailaja's love succeed? All this forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a predictable story line but then he added a small twist to the characters which makes things a bit different. The presentation was alright but the narrative went lengthy at few points. Cinematography was fine, though one or two songs were good, the background score was too quick for slow emotions and the background vocal for the male lead was a wrong choice. Editing was alright but then it did a mistake in cutting the frames too short when the real emotional scenes came which spoiled the feeling. Costumes were good and locations for songs were nice. Naresh was his usual best but this time he had a more serious role to play so he did his job well. Manjari's presence is fine and her eyes do most of the talking but then, she still needs to work on few of her expressions, Shraddha was hot but her role was limited only for the skin show. The comedy track by Dharmavarapu, M S was somewhat entertaining and Venu Madhav did his bit too but his role could have been developed further. Jayaprakash Reddy has become a routine factionist becoming a nice man, Ahuti Prasad's character was funny. The others did their bit in the required manner.


The film looks to be the regular formula of brain winning over brawn but then the twist here is the hero not keen on getting the heroine which was the case with hit movies like 'Dhee' 'Ready' etc. while the first half goes about with the elements of romance, comedy and songs a twist takes place just before the interval and the second half is more on the romantic part, this is where unwanted comedy sequences and unnecessary drama scenes came up which actually slowed the plot a great deal. The film will make its money given the mass elements and the glamour scenes but a hit will depend on external factors.
source: bharatstudent

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