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Baladoor Movie Review

Ravi Teja
Superstar Krishna
Chandra Mohan
Pradeep Rawat
LB Sriram
Subba Raju
Parachuri Venkateswara Rao and many more.

Banner: Suresh Productions

Music: KM Radha Krishna

Producer: Suresh Babu

Screenplay & Direction: Uday Shankar

Weaknesses: Routine story and slow second half

Must see scenes:

1. Ravi Reja entry shot where he jumps from top of a car
2. Temple fight and market fight
3. Super star Krishna fight in the climax


Chanti (Ravi Teja) is a care-free family member in Ramakrishna (Superstar Krishna) joint family who does nothing but kicking baddies. Chandramohan who is the father of Chanti sends him out of the house. Bhanumathi (Anushka) who is a student falls in love with this Baladoor for his good deeds. Chanti who comes out of the house saves his family members from all the problems created by Pradeep Rawat and his brother-in-law Subbaraju.

In the climax, Ramakrishna and his entire family comes to know about all the good deeds of Chanti from a well-wisher and brings him back to the house along with his lady love Bhanumathi.

Performance And Analysis:

Baladoor movie is a decent family entertainer but with a routine story line. One big family, one useless kid (hero) who is nice at heart. The whole family misunderstands him and he is pushed out of the house. But this good hero saves the entire family from different difficult situations but always is behind the scenes. The family realises his good deeds in the climax and the hero rejoins the family. We as audience have seen lot many telugu movies in the past with the same story line.

This weak and routine story line and a dragging second half makes this Baladoor just a watchable movie. The story writer should have taken care of the script and the screenplay in the second half should have been done better by the director to make it a better movie.

Uday Shankar who earlier directed Kalisundam Raa for Suresh Productions is still in the same mood of family stories. How could he think that a superhit story 8 years back can re-create the same magic and success again??? He could have worked more on the script part and changed it according to the new-age cinema audience.

Performances: Ravi Teja is the saving life of the movie. He has done his routine care free action in the first half and a little serious mixed with mass action in the second half.

Superstar Krishna does the role of peddanana to Ravi Teja. It is very nice to see Krishna in such kind of decent and nice role. He did his performance with ease and elan. The best part in Krishna’s action is the action sequence in the climax where he hits 10 goons at a time and proves himself once again as Superstar.

Anushka is good as heroine. She has lost the unnecessary fat in this movie which she developed for Don movie. Anushka’s role is just restricted to the songs. She showed all her glamour in the songs.

Chandra Mohan as Ravi Teja’s father, Pradeep Rawat and Subbaraju as villans are good and adequate in their roles.

Brahmanandam and Sunil created the much necessary comedy in the movie which was good.

Fights are well picturized in the movie and showed Ravi Teja’s powerful emotions in the movie.

Songs are average. Music by Radha Krishna is also average. No song can make any impression on audience except for the last song. The good part in songs is that they are all shot in good locations and sets. Another asset for the songs is Anushka.

Screenplay and direction by Uday Shankar is just average. He selected a routine and old story line and tried to give a new look to it in which he miserably failed. The story lost tempo in the second half and also he added more emotion in it because of which the audience will feel little bored.Source: Cinegola

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hemchand said...

Baladoor bagumdi
Film is nice,old concept aina bagumdi,songs pucturization bagunnai,asalu sites rivews ni namma kudadu..film good family entertiner...shurly it is a hit movie...Try 2 avoid false statements


Superstar Krishna makes a comeback with a lengthy role after a long time. He does a wonderful job as the head of the family. Krishna gives a mature and understated performance without resorting to too many histrionics.

Ravi Teja is his ebullient self during the first half of the movie. In the second half, it is a rather serious role. He however gets to romance Anushka a lot.

Anushka is at her sizzling best in the film. She gives a virtual feast for the eyes with her well chiseled body and looks. After Baladoor, Anushka is sure to become hot property.

Final word:

The film is a mix of action, romance, comedy and sentiment. However it is the sentiment that gets a bit to heavy for the fans of Ravi Teja. The sentiment reminds one of films of the sixties and seventies. On the whole, the film stands as an Hit entertainer.

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