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Padmabhushan Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Special

Few Facts / Favourites about Chiru :

Obtained Diploma in acting on 30th June 1978
First Film acted: Punadi Rallu
First Film Released on: 22nd September 1978
First Film Released: Pranam Khareedu
First 100 Days film: Manavuri Pandavulu
First heroine: Reshmaroy
Debut Film: Pranam Khareedu (telugu)
God: Hanuman
Heroine:Hema Malini
Plays he acted in: Chairman, Rajeenama, Light Veligindi
First cinema person to meet when he went to Madras for acting: Laxmi Deepak
First Producer to give remuneration: Jaya Krishna (Rs 1,116/-)
First Clap: Love in Singapore
Number of films before marriage:11
First Duel Role: Nakili Manishi
First Shield Received: Manavoori Pandavulu
First Outdoor film: Punadi Rallu (Rajahmundry)
First shield distribution: Manishiko Charitra
First film with more costumes: Gudhachari No. 1
First special getup: Chattaniki Kallulevu (as a Negro in a song)
First Wig film: Raktha bandham
First guest dance film:Prema Natakam
Unreleased films:Vaddi Kasula vaadu, Chinna Puli - Pedda Puli

Mega Star's Photos

Chiranjeevi's Spl Videos

Chiru's Interview with TV9
Run Time: 07:23

Chiru And Ramcharan In Gemini TV
Run Time: 09:20

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