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Aadi Vishnu Review

Arun Dasari
Kota Srinivas Rao
Ms Narayana
Venu Madhav
Pradeep Rawat

Music: MM Srilekha

Director: Bharath Parepally

Producer: K. Ramakrishna Prasad

Dasari’s son is back again with his film ‘Aadi Vishnu’. The story of the film is well weaved, but lacks the best screenplay and so ends up in a mess at the end. Though the Actor is still un-recognized in tollywood, the other cast in the film try to fill out the emptiness in the film.


Aadi Vishnu (Arun) is a son of a Srinivas Rao (Kota). Srinivas Rao is a retired teacher and dreams to be a proud father of an IT genius. Fulfilling his father dreams Aadi becomes an Information Technology genius and obtains a first rank in IIT. Aadi’s only aim is to complete his course meritoriously and then seek a job in America.

In order to pursue his dreams Aadi and Srinivas Rao come to Hyderabad in order to fetch a passport. Home Minister (Suman) of the state is an Ex-student of Srinivas Rao and so Aadi and his father take his help.

But unfortunately Aadi gets involved in a brawl with some Goons who are the followers of Yadagiri (Pradeep rawat) and Jakkalamma (Aishwarya). The reason for the brawl is Anjali (Sneha) who is a young girl and a witness of a cold blooded murder. Aadi becomes an enemy to Yadagiri due to the fight. Then another character in the name of Yadagiri’s son enters the scene. His name is Rana who is a professional bomb blast specialist.

Regrettably, Aadi is blamed to be a culprit for a bomb blast and Rana successfully creates evidences against the hero. The home minister and the Assistant commissioner of police (Jeeva) tarnish the blame over Aadi and join hands with Rana.

After a short span, another serial bomb blasts occur and Rana is proved t be the culprit behind the conspiracies. Aadi looses his father’s life in the bomb blasts and adding to this his neatly carved professional career is put on stake.

What happens next? How the hero succeeds in exposing the culprits in the disguise of government servants is the climax of the story?


Dasari Arun has matured a lot in his acting skills. But still he must still groom himself to attain the stardom. His expressions are according to the dialogue delivery, but still the fizz in the frame is missing. Action stunts are well acted. Arun’s dancing talent is average.

Sneha appears in modern costumes and saris. She tries to be modernized girl in some frames, but lacks the spice.

The comedy track is average as the comedy track is lead by Dharma varapu, Ali, Venu and Ms Narayana.

Suman, Pradeep rawat, and Aishwarya played their villains role well and are up to the mark.

Music by Srilekha looks pale to the dry subject. The cinematography is little bit praise worthy.

On the whole the movie starts well and creates some interest in the audience in the beginning, but after the interval it is dragging and has been elongated. The film gets its importance because of veteran director, actor and script writer Dasari Narayana Rao’s name tagged to his son. This movie is only worthy to be seen on small screen and may get worn out in about two weeks time from the theatres.

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