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Urvashi Sharma Profile:

Name : Urvashi Sharma
Birth Name : Urvashi Sharma
Sex : Female
Birthplace : New Delhi, India
Profession : Actress, Model
Current Residence : Mumbai
Height : 5' 8"
Sister : Sucheta Sharma (Model)
Acting Education : Vidhur's Creating Characters
Other Talents : Kathak (an Indian Dance form)
Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Color : Black
Ethnicity : Indian
Debut Music Video : Something something (Artist - Mika)
Debut Film : Naqaab
Debut Commercial : McDonald's
Claim to Fame : Sophia in 'Naqaab'


Urvashi Sharma born twenty summers ago in New Delhi is a stunning Indian model and a promising Bollywood actress. Born to Punjabi parents, Urvashi Sharma grew up with dreams to become an actress one day. So the smart lady relocated to Mumbai and stayed with her elder sister and a renowned model, Sucheta Sharma. Meantime she learnt dancing and also took acting lessons from Vidhur's Creating Characters acting school.

The slender 5' 8" tall, Urvashi Sharma began her modeling career with 'Ponds' and garnered widespread attention soon becoming a well known face in modeling world. Soon she secured 'Garnier', 'Kit Kat' and 'Monte Carlo' commercials and featured in several leading magazines and television commercials. A trained Kathak dancer, Urvashi Sharma appeared in Mika's music video "Something Something Meri Jaan" and gave a beautiful performance in a number called, 'Doorie'.

Finally one day her dream of becoming a Bollywood actress had come true when she was cast as a leading lady in a big movie with well known co-stars. She made her film debut with "Naqaab" meaning disguise. The movie was directed by renowned Bollywood director, Abbas Mustan and the star cast included super stars Akshay Khanna and Bobby Deol. Though Naqaab didn't make any waves as expected, Urvashi Sharma's powerful screen presence did wonders for her. Eager to prove herself as a multi talented actress, she even decided to do daring stunts on a boat drive in the movie, which was shot in Dubai.

In spite of the director putting his foot down, the daring actress went ahead and did the stunt herself with ease much to the amazement of the unit members. The producer, Ramesh Taurani of TIPS Films was very much impressed by her adventurous spirit and her eagerness to give a refined performance. He has reportedly signed her for eight upcoming films under his banner. Incidentally, it was Ramesh Taurani who introduced Preity Zinta, Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor to Bollywood. Even the director, Abbas Mustan decided to cast her in two of his ventures. Notwithstanding, other producers too are reportedly flocking unto her to sign up for their movies. Urvashi with just one movie behind her has become the most talked about young actress in Bollywood and many moviegoers have already become huge fans of this Gorgeous and Sexy actress.

Urvashi Sharma Quotes:

1. “I always wanted to model and eventually, get into movies,”
2. “as a child, I wanted to become a doctor and even my parents hoped that I would become a professional.”
3. “I had problems attending classes sometimes due to my work, but I still managed somehow. After I passed my 12th standard, I decided to study through correspondence.”
4. “I don't think God wants us to keep running to a temple ten times a day, paying obeisance to Him. God wants us to do our work and do it well and give thanks to Him. I'm a strong believer in the 'work is worship' philosophy. If I’m at work, my mind is totally focused.”
5. “I don't need to meditate or chant a mantra to be able to focus. I love my work, it keeps me ticking. It's when I'm not working that my mind tends to wander.”
6. “Life is a rollercoaster ride. You win some, you lose some. It's in the face of testing times that a person's true character is revealed and strengthened. I believe in enjoying the good times and learning from bad experiences.”
7. “In fact, if we didn't have sorrow, we would never learn to value joy.”

Urvashi Sharma Trivia:

  • She comes from a middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi and has no filmy connections.
  • She has three siblings. Her eldest sister Sucheta Sharma is a model too, who took care of her when she decided to shift to Mumbai.
  • Urvashi Sharma and her sister Sucheta Sharma look pretty alike.
  • Urvashi did modeling for Ponds, Garnier, TBZ and Globus.Her first campaign was for Ponds, and then came Garnier, followed by Kit Kat and Monte Carlo.
  • She is a very good dancer.
  • It is said that she has already signed an 8-film deal with TIPS.


Naquaab (2007)--Sophia 'Sophie' D'Souza (hindi)
Three (2008)-- (telugu)
Baarbaar (2009)--Zia (Hindi)
Chai Gharam(2010)--Nisha ....Post Production (Hindi)

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