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Allu Arjun
Poonam Bajwa
Srinivas Reddy
Chitram Seenu
Dhanraj and others

Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar

Music: Manisharma

Director: Bhaskar

Producer: 'Dil' Raju

Release date: 01/05/2008

A typical family treat, the story begins with Subbalakashmi (Poonam) who is in love with Babu and as expected her marriage gets fixed with someone else. This is arranged by Subbalakshmi's father Neelakanta (Prakashraj) without knowing his daughter's feelings. As expected, she elopes with her lover right on the day of the marriage much to the embarrassment of Neelakanta. Now, he starts his hunt for the two and in this process that they have been helped by local boys of the village and also a few from the city. One among the city happens to be Krishna (Allu Arjun) who is basically a street smart guy but with no activity or career to pursue. Neelakanta and his men manage to kidnap Krishna and the other friends involved in the eloping mission (Sunil, Srinivas Reddy, Chitram Seenu) and all of them are brought to the village. They are accommodated at an out house of sorts which is next to Neelakanta's house and he promises to release them all once the love birds are located. Neelakanta sets out on his search and meanwhile Krishna is smitten by Meena's (Sheila) charms. He is busy trying to woo her and finally manages to win her heart. Much to his dismay, he discovers that she is none other than Neelakanta's second daughter. What happens from here forms the rest of the story.
The director has come across with a clean subject about love and the clash of ideology between the elders and the younger generation again. His narration is good and has come up with a mature presentation of the subject. He has been well supported by some good background score and the cinematography captured the emotions correctly. The script is soft and the screenplay is technically good. All other departments have done a standard job. Allu Arjun has come up in a very different shade this time and it is more of his acting skills that are put to test than anything else, Sheila has come in a deglamorised role and yet again it is the acting quotient that has to be considered, Poonam Bajwa is pretty but her role is limited. The real stunner with a powerhouse performance is Prakashraj who portrays the anguish of a girl's father in a perfect way. Full marks to him, the others like Sunil, Srinivas Reddy came out with decent performances and got some tickles and the rest of the cast have done upto the mark performances.
The technical values, the subject and other aspects are fine but the question of truth is will the audience have the heart to digest Allu Arjun as a character actor than an action packed mass character. This is a conflicting revelation to the audience who goes in with some real fire and end up tasting water. The only chance to bring the film out of crisis would be if the movie works like a slow poison like Bhaskar's 'Bommarillu'. The movie will not appeal to the hot blooded youth in any way and will find its place in the hearts of girls' fathers. There are points in the movie which have given a confusing stand as to who is the real hero, Arjun or Prakashraj. It is very hard for the movie to sustain commercially but will please the class audience.

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