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Genre: Action
Banner: Balaji Arts
Story: Chinni Krishna
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Cinematography: VSR Swamy
Music: Mani Sharma
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Screenplay and Direction: G Ram Prasad
Producers: J Bhagawan & DVV Danayya
Theatrical Release Date: 11th January 2002
Nandamuri Bala Krishna,
Reema Sen,
K. Viswanath,
Charan Raj,
Jayaprakash Reddy,
Mohan Raj,
Chalapati Rao,
'Ahuti' Prasad,
L.B. Sriram,
M.S. Narayana,
'Venniradai' Nirmala,
Sivaparvathy and Sonali Sahadev


Movie starts with a fight in which Durga Prasad bashes up polices for occupying the house of a poor woman. Visweswara Rao (Raghuvaran) comes to know the heroism of Durga Prasad and tells him his flash back.
Visweswara Rao and Chandra Sekhar (Charan Raj) are the best friends. They have a kid each. Visweawara Rao is a business magnate and Chandra Sekhar is a police officer. Chandra Sekhar arrests a dreaded goon and the goon's supporters kidnap the son of Visweswara Rao and hold the kid as hostage and want to exchange the kid for the release of goon.

If Chandra Sekhar does not release goon, he would be getting a promotion and prize money worth 5 lakhs from the Government. At the last spurring moment Chandra Sekhar becomes selfish which results in the death of son of Visweswara Rao.

Due to this incident Chandra Sekhar becomes enemy of Visweswara Rao. The wife of Visweswara Rao gets paralyzed. Visweswara Rao's aim is to kill the son of Chandra Sekhar.

Visweswara Rao asks for the help of Durga Prasad in killing the son of Chandra Sekhar. Durga Prasad accepts to be the contract killer. In the process, Durga Prasad cures the paralysis of Chandra Sekhar's wife. Durga Prasad also kills Simha Prasad (Sai Kumar).

Charulatha (Reema Sen), the niece of Visweswara Rao, falls in love with Durga Prasad. Visweswara Rao is impressed with Durga Prasad, as he got rid of Simha Prasad and cured the paralysis of his wife. He wants to adapt Durga Prasad as his son and marry off Charu Latha to him.

But, it is revealed that Durga Prasad is a big enemy of parents of Charu Latha back in their Nizam area.

Then there is a remote village in Telangana, which is dominated by the family of an MP (Vasu). There are no doors for houses in that village. This arrangement is done because the sons and goons of MP can run into any home and take hostage.

Durga Prasad is a hardworking and heroic IPS officer, which is sent on a special duty to get hold of the goons and set the village right. Hema (Simran) falls in love with Durga Prasad after observing his daring personality.
Hema proposes to the parents of Durga Prasad and all the elders accept the match. In a particular fight Durga Prasad's hand gets paralyzed. The parents of Hema cancel the alliance with Durga Prasad. Hema defies her parents and enters the house of Durga Prasad and stays there by serving him and making him a healthy man.

At the time of Durga Prasad and Hema marriage, the villains reveal that Durga Prasad is not the real son of his parents.

Then the story goes back into continuing the first half again. If you want to know who this Durga Prasad is, you gotta watch the film.

Bala krishna: Balayya is in his elements, again, in this film. But the characterization is not strong enough to elevate heroism. There was very good applause for a few dialogues uttered by Balayya in this film.

Simran: Simran is the second half heroine with a role for emoting. She did extremely well.

Reema Sen: She is just a prop in this film used as glamour cushion so that a couple of songs can be pictured in the first half. She is wasted in 'Seema Simham'.
Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: Screenplay of the film is bad. Direction is good in patches. There are a few brilliantly executed scenes. But the most of the other scenes in this film lack punch and are dull. Too many characters and too less time taken to establish these characters is the main drawback. The script of the film is loosely executed.

Dialogues: There are 6 - 7 very good dialogues in the film, which drew applause from the morning show crowds. Again, the dialogues became ineffective because of inefficient narration.
Comedy: Another drawback of the film is lack of entertainment in the form of comedy. There is no comedy in second half. There is some comedy, which is not rib tickling, by Brahmanandam and Gowtam Raju in the first half.

Music: Mani Sharma is not impressive with his music in the film. The work is not as good as he has done for Samara Simha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu.
Dances: The first song is heavily inspired by Rajni Kanth's Basha song, which includes Rajni mannerisms. Chandamama Chandamama song stands out as the best of lot. Other four songs are beat based with lots of dances.
Production: The producers did not seem to have gone into the details of movie making other than putting in their money. The film looks very rich with hundreds of people participating in many scenes of the film.

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