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Name :Nandamuri Balakrishna
Date of Birth: June 10th, 1960
Father: Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao
Mother:Basava Tharakam
Swargiya Rama Krishna,
Jaya Krishna,
Hari Krishna,
Mohana Krishna,
Sai Krishna,
Jr Rama Krishna,
Jaya Shankar Krishna,
Smt Uma Maheswari,
Smt Bhuvaneswari,
Smt Lokeswari,
Smt Purandheswari
Wife:Smt Vasundhara Devi (Married in the year 1982)
Son: Tarakarama Mokshagna Teja - 06/09/1994
Brahmini - 12/12/1987
Tejaswini - 20/07/1989
NBK High Lights
1. Mangamma Gaari Manavadu - A First Huge Victory As An Individual Hero And A Silver Jubilee Movie

2. Muddula Krishnayya, Seetharama Kalyanam, Anasuyamma Gaari Alludu, Desoddarakudu, Kaliyuga Krishnudu, Apoorva Sahodarudu - Six Films Are Released In The Same Year And Are Successive 100 Days Movies In The Same Year Creating Double Hatrick. Thus, In 1986, Hero Of The Year Balayya Has The Distinction Of Creating That Record.

3. President Gaari Abbaayi, Muvva Gopaludu, Ramu - Again With These Three Movies Balayya Had A Hatrick In 1987

4. Raktabhishekam - A Commercial Hit in 1988

5. Bhale Donga - A Super Hit in 1989

6. Muddula Mavayya - A Sensational Hit In 1989 Which Crossed All The Records In Those Times

7. Nari Nari Naduma Murari, Muddula Krishnayya, Lorry Driver - Again Hatrick For Balayya In 1990

8. Aditya 369 - An Innovative Trial In Telugu Movies, Balayya Excelled In Sri Krishna Devaraayalu Role

9. Rowdy Inspector - After Lorry Driver, A Super Hit Movie For Balayya - B.Gopal Combination In 1992

10. Nippu Ravva, Bangaaru Bullodu - Both Movies Released On Same Date In 1993 And Ran For 100 Days

11. Bhairava Dweepam - A First Jaanapada Movie For Balayya, Released In 1994

12. Bobbili Simham - As Father (NTR) Has Succeeded As Bobbilipuli, Son (NBK) Had Stupendous Victory As Bobbil Simham

13. Vamsaanikokkadu - Sankranthi Super Hit In 1996

14. Peddannayya - Sankranthi Super Hit In 1997

15. Samara Simha Reddy - Evolved As A New Chapter In The History Of Telugu Movies In The Year 1999

16. Narasimha Naidu - A Golden Chapter In The History Of Telugu Movies, Released In 2001 And Fetched Nandi Award For Balayya

17. Lakshmi Narasimha - Created A Record For Maximum Number Of 50 Days In 277 Centers

18. Vijayendra Varma - All Over Andhra Pradesh, This Film Has Collected A Massive Share Of 2,55,92,000 In Single (First) Day Which Is A Unique Record Set By Balayya

Nandamuri Balakrishna fondly called by his fans as NBK,Balayya needs no introduction. He entered the film Industry at the age of 14 through his home production Tatammakala, in which he had the opportuinty to work with the two legends of Tollywood, Late Sri NTR and Dr. Bhanumati Ramakrishna. For 10 successive years he acted off and on in movies mostly produced under his home production. 1984 is the year when his first movie as a solo hero was released and interestingly he acted in very less number of movies made under his home productions after that.
Even though entered the film industry because of his father, later his hard work, discipline, talent and dedication made him stand in the industry. He had been acting in movies for the past 27 years but unlike some of his peers, he never cared to celebrate the 10th or the 25th anniversaries of his movie career. He is a simple person and likes to stay away from publicity, which is one of the factors that didn't get him the due recognition. He believes in Astrology and Numerology and doesn't want to do things in "Rahu Kaalam".He acted in a movie called Annadammula Anubandham, a remake of Dharmendra's hindi hit Yadonki Barat at the age of 16. Upon watching this movie, the other legend of the Telugu film industry Sri. ANR's comment was "Simham Kadupuna Simham Puttindi". Interestingly he acted in a brother's role to his real life father in that movie as well as in "Rowdy Ramudu Konte Krishnudu", and in a son's role to his real life brother Hari Krishna in the movie "Dana Veera Sura Karna". He won the hearts of many people for his role of "Abimanyudu" in that movie, which also had his legendary father dominating most of the scenes in a triple role. In the year 1984, he acted in 3 blockbusters, "Mangamma Gari Manavadu", "Kathanayakudu" and his home production "Sri Madvirat Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swamy Charitra".In the year 1986, he had delivered 6 hits in a row. During the year of 1993 only two of his movies were released and surprisingly both of them were released on the same day. This is one of the unique feats that none of his contemporaries would ever dare to try. He bid farewell to the previous millennium in style by giving the biggest hit of the previous millennium with "Samara Simha Reddy".NBK is famous for his roles in the movies made with village backdrop. The undeniable factor is that, among his contemporaries, he is the only hero who is best suitable for playing the mythological and folklore roles in movies, for which his legendary father was famous. He worked as an associate director for his father's last directional venture (Samrat Asoka).An ardent fan and admirer of his father, he had equal if not more respect for his father's contemporaries. His dream projects are Gona Ganna Reddy and Chenghis Khan and want to direct these movies under his own banner.

1. 9-8-74 Tathamma kala Debut as child artist
2. 30-12-74 Ram rahim With (brother) Hari Krishna
3. 14-7-75 Annadammula
anubhandam First time With Akkineni
4. 08-01-75 Vemulavada bheema
kavi As Bheema kavi
5. 14-1-77 Dana veera soora
karna First time in “Pouranika” film
6. 19-5-79 Akbhar saleem
anarkali Historical film
7. 28-5-79 Sri madvhirat
parvamu As Abhimanyudu
8. 28-9-79 Sri tirupathi
Venkateswara As Naradha get up
9. 15-8-80 Rowdi ramudu konte
krishnudu NTR as Ramudu Balayya as
10. 7-1-82 Anuraga devatha Balayya getting married in this yr
11. 7-3-83 Simham navvindi Office servant
12. 1-6-84 Sahasame oopiri College student
13. 7-6-84 Disco king As disco dancer (First time)
14. 27-7-84 Janani janma bhoomi Weave worker
15. 7-9-84 Mangamma gari
manavadu First time as Ramudu and
krishnudu get up ran 535 days.
16. 4-11-84 Palanati puli Rikshaw wala
17. 29-11-84 Sri madhvirat veera bhramedra swami As Siddayya
18. 14-12-84 Katha nayakudu Student leader, first time with
Vijaya shanthi
19. 23-1-85 Athma balam As dancer
20. 8-2-85 Babai abbai As server
21. 28-3-85 Barya bhartala anubhandham With Akkineni as Mama alludu
22. 27-4-85 Bhale tammudu First time as Police officer
23. 11-10-85 Kattula kondayya As rowdy with powerful dialogues
24. 21-12-85 Pattabhishekam As student lover
25. 21-12-85 Nippulanti manishi Powerful police officer
26. 28-2-86 Muddula krishnayya As village guy first time as Bala
chandrudu get up

27. 18-4-86 Seetharama kalyanam Student first time in Shiva getup
28. 2-7-86 Anasuyamma gari
alludu As mechanic
29. 7-8-86 Deshodharakudu As suyodhana and sivaji
getups.One of Balayya fan died
with heart attack with joy of hit.
Balayya gave 20,000 for his
30. 19-9-86 Kaliyuga krishnundu As naughty boy
31. 9-10-86 Apoorva sahodarulu First time double role
32. 14-1-87 Bhargava ramudu First Novel film in Balayya
33. 26-2-87 Allari krishnayya Village boy Nandhamoori
ramesh is director
34. 16-4-87 Sahasa samrat In Bhadra chalam
ramudu get up.
35. 14-5-87 President gari abbai Village boy
36. 19-5-87 Muvva gopaludu Innocent village boy
37. 31-7-87 Ramu Orphan boy
38. 19-11-87 Bhanumati gari mogudu As dupe husband
39. 15-1-88 Inspector prathap As inspector
40. 18-2-88 Donga ramudu As labor worker
41. 11-5-88 Tiragabadda telugu
bidda As police officer first
time break dance in his films
42. 24-10-88 Bharatam lo
balachandrudu In a Alluri and
Bhagat singh getups
43. 20-10-88 Ramudu bheemudu Double role
44. 9-12-88 Rakthabishekam In Sadhuvu getup,
as lover
45. 7-5-89 Bhale donga As thieve
46. 10-2-89 Muddula mavayya This movie ran 100 days in 51
centers (first time) audio sales
47. 29-6-89 Ashoka chakravarthi As smuggler Balayya
rewarded as King of
kings with this movie
48. 13-10-89 Bala gopaludu As son of former,
Balayya fans died
in tickets row
Balayya gave 10,000
to their family
49. 12-1-90 Prananiki nam Smuggler
50. 27-4-90 Nari Nari Naduma
Murari As naughty brother in
law this movie got golden
disc for audio sales.
51. 7-7-90 Muddula menalludu As village boy
52. 21-12-90 Lorry Driver As lorry driver
53. 9-4-91 Talli tandrulu Respectable son
54. 19-4-91 Brahma sri viswamitra Double role with NTR
this movie done 5 crore
55. 18-7-91 Aditya 369 Science fantasy in Krishna
devarayala get up.
56. 14-2-92 Dharma kshetram As lawyer
57. 7-5-92 Rowdy Inspector As powerful inspector
58. 25-12-92 Aswametham As pilot
59. 3-9-93 Nippu ravva With 4 track stereo
8 Crores Budget
60. 3-9-93 Bangaru Bullodu Village boy
61. 14-4-94 Bhirava dveepam Janapatha movie
62. 18-8-94 Gandeevam In cowboy getup
63. 23-9-94 Bobili Simham Balayya got son
64. 9-12-94 Top hero In Bruhannala getup
65. 28-7-95 Matho pettukokdu Double role
66. 5-1-96 Vamsanikokkadu NTR died after 14 days of this
movie release
67. 15-5-96 Sri krishnarjuna vijayam Porunaika double role
68. 10-1-97 Peddanayya Brother in joint family
double role
69. 25-4-97 Muddula Moggudu Naughty husband
70. 23-10-97 Devudu Innocent village boy
71. 17-4-98 Yuvaratna rana Mafia leader
72. 4-6-98 Pavitra Prema As Auto Driver
73. 13-1-99 Samara Simha Reddy Factionist with 3 heroines
first DTS film in Balayya films
74. 27-5-99 Sultan Double role with Krishna
and Krisham raju
75. 16-9-99 Krishna Babu Family sentiment
76. 13-1-00 Vamsodharakudu Drill Master
77. 21-7-00 Goppinti Alludu As cook for his lover
78. 11-1-01 Narasimha Naidu Broken all industry records
79. 15-06-01 Bhalevadivi Basu Forest officer
80. 11-1-02 Seema Simham A Police officer
81. 25-9-02 Chenna Kesava Reddy As factionist and police officer
first time double role as father
and son
82. 5-6-03 Palanati Bramha Naidu Palnadu Backdrop
83. 14-01-04 Laxmi Narasimha As Deputy Comissioner Of
84. 15-12-04 Vijayendra Varma As Military Officer
85. 05-10-05 Allari Pidugu Family entertainer
86. 29-04-06 Veera Bhadra
87. 01-02-07 Maharadhi
88. In Production Okka Magaadu
89. In Production Ranga PaanduRanga

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Bala krishna naku telisi chala chala manchodu
He is a gentel man..

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rayalasema simham nandmuri balakrishna
cm ap

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Nadiche Simhanni ChusiKukkalu Moruguthoooooone Untayi...... Avanni Pattinchukunte...... Simhamanipinchukodu.............
Balaiah is a Powerfulll Simham..... in Tollywood......

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balakrishna is really good person..he z not lke chiranjeevi,he have good moral values

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avanu enta goppa moral values ante,murder case nunchii tapinchukogaliginatha.

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