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Director: Vikram Gandhi
*ing: Venu Madhav, Mumaith Khan
Music: Chakri
Producer: Venu Madhav
Banner: Savitri Cinema
Release: 16th Mar 2008
Story: Dasari Narayana Rao
Screenplay: SS Vikram Gandhi
Dialogues: Ramaswamy, Praveen Kumar, Venu Madhav
Editing: V Nagireddy
Camera: Srinivasa Reddy
Action: Ram Laxman

The film begins with Nageswara Rao (Venu Madhav) who is known as ‘Tablets’ Nageswara Rao for his habit of taking pills for every small thing. He has a granny Rayalaseema Sakunthala (Telangana Sakunthala) who is bent upon getting him married to his relative (Geetha Singh). However, he asks for 100 days time so that he gets the girl of his choice so that she can get him married. He comes to Hyderabad and shares his woes with Muralimohan (Sunil). In this process, he meets Sridevi (Priya Mohan) at the temple and decides to love her. However her father puts a condition that he must earn 25 lakhs to give his daughter. So Nageswara Rao sets off on the streets selling dummy medicines and an ad agency incharge is impressed with his skills and makes him head. In no time, Nageswara Rao earns the money and everything is ready for the marriage when he hears a telephonic conversation of his doctor (Dharmavarapu) and thinks that he is suffering from cancer. He decides to stay away from Sridevi and in this process he gets close to the Mumbai model Jayasudha (Ruthika). When he goes to Mumbai for an ad film, he meet up Hari Bhai (Sri Hari), Jayasudha’s brother. What happens in the end? How does this confusion get cleared, all this forms the rest of the story.

First half of the film is average. Second half is badly handled. The director could not handle the comedy generated by mafia man Srihari well. The plus points of the film are superb mimicry/imitation of Rajnikant, ANR, Bala Krishna and Pawan Kalyan by Venu Madhav. The negative aspects are badly handled screenplay and second half. On a whole, Premabhishekam is a bad copy of ‘Shadi Se Pehle’. However, running of this film is B and C centers is not ruled out.

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