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April 11th, 2008

Cast: Tarun, Ileana, Jagapathi Babu,Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandham and others
Director: Vijay Bhasker
Music: Radhakrishnan
Producer: Belamkonda Suresh
Initially the combination of Ileana and Tarun which was for the first time ignited some interest in the movie and the direction of Vijay Bhasker was an added delight to this movie. Tarun and Vijaya Bhasker previously were coupled to give a hit like “Nuvve Kavali”. But this time the entire combination of the trio could not live up to the expectation. Only it can be termed as an average movie with all the masala stuff included in it.

The story is about two youngsters with the character names of Ram or Romeo and Jyothi or Juliet. These two characters are played by Tarun and Ileana. These two youngsters run away from their respective homes located near Vishakapatnam. Tarun runs away from his dwelling as he is forced to work by his father Chandramohan in a paper mill. Ileana on the other hand unable to bear the emotional blackmail of her grandmother Annapurna to marry decides to leave her home. She has a dream to become a top model in the advertising field.
Fortunately the hero and the heroine board the same train and land up in the railway station of Vishakapatnam. As expected they two meet each other and since they are penniless, but filled with the energy to fulfill their dreams; start to cheat some innocent people. And to their luck they succeed in piling up a good amount. Soon they get the thought to continue this job and depart to Hyderabad together.
When Tarun and Ileana land in Hyderabad, they fool Dharmavarapu subramanyam who is an owner of a famous electronic showroom and succeed in fetching some goods worth 10 lakhs and make a run with them.
Tarun to full fill Ileana’s dreams compels her to make herself enroll in a Mumbai advertising agency. But the heroine has another plan and wants to stay with Tarun.
Meanwhile, they see an AD in a newspaper that a poor girl needs some medical held and needs money for the treatment. This girl happens to be the same one whom the two met in the journey to Hyderabad.
So, Ileana and Tarun decide to help the child and offer 3 lakhs for her treatment initially. But still a deficit of 6 lakhs haunts them.
Then the entry of the villain in the disguise of Pradeep Rawat takes place. He is the actual owner of the electronic showroom which was robbed by Tarun and Ileana. He is after the couple and the couple runs away from him.
Then comes the entry of DCP Yugandhar which is the character played by Jagapathi Babu. And he is the man who is appointed to hunt for the pair of Romeo and Juliet.
The rest of the story is about the chase and blah bah and blah. All ends happily at the end.

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