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sha Saini
Naga Babu
KavithaVenu Madhav
Kovai Sarala and others
Cinematography: P Vasu

Music: Chakri

Director: Nidhi Prasad

Producers: M Venkataramana, Yogesh Patel, Raju, Praveen

Release date: April 18, 2008

A lengthy movie, the story begins with Madan (Srikanth) a successful fashion designer who hates love and does not believe in love marriages and Kamaraju (Sunil) is his cousin who is crazy about girls. Both of them go to Goa and that's where Madan meets Archana (Charmi), who is the daughter of a retired Army major (Nagababu) and Kamaraju meets Mandira (Asha Saini). While Kamu and Mandira get along very well and fall in love with each other, Archana also is an aspiring fashion designer and through stroke of events she ends up in the office of Madan. Madan is impressed with Archana and slowly develops his feelings for her strongly. But then his ego does not allow him to express his love. Meanwhile, Kamaraju is busy trying to convince Madan about his marriage to Mandira and in this process he cooks up a story that Archana's wedding is fixed with Ravindra (Prabhu Deva) and fabricates a wedding card also. As fate would have it, Madan bumps into Ravindra who is actually Michael and gets to know Madan's feelings. He is a trained conman and listening to the story, he hatches a plan to marry Archana and become the rich owner of all her properties. So he ropes in few professional artists like Kota (Kota), Valli (Mallikarjun Rao), Kovai Sarala to act as his family. Does he get successful in his plan? What happens to Madan's love? all this forms the rest of the story.
The director who has already come up with some comedy flicks before tried to cook up a good comedy but then he lost out severely on its presentation and narration. The script was lengthy and the screenplay was not upto mark. The editing department was asleep and the camera did not have much to do in the film. the music was not that great except for the dance number of Prabhudeva. Srikanth was regular with his performance and he needs to do something about his hair, also he needs to work on his English as there was a heavy Telugu accent in his dialogues which were many in this movie. Sunil was exceptional with his comedy and witty dialogues which managed to get quite a few laughs. Prabhudeva showed lot of energy and has proved that he can be a good actor too. Charmi looks glamorous and has done her role very effectively. Asha Saini was truly a revelation as she was sizzling hot and one really wonders why she was not discovered with such beauty a long time ago. The fleet of comedians like Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Ali, Kota, Kovai Sarala were good at few scenes but appeared histrionic at few instants. Naga Babu was refined.
Though the attempt to provide comedy in all aspects was the objective, the film maker spent a lot of time trying to make justice to every character which dragged the film unnecessarily. The inclusion of so many characters may have added a lot of glamour appeal but then the plot got diluted with it. There are many unwanted songs and the audience was busy scratching heads with impatience as the second half was going eternally. The movie might sustain for about a week to fortnight but after that it is only a twist of fate that can carry the film along.

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