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Banner: S Pictures

Kanja Karuppu
M S Bhaskar and others
Music: Vidyasagar

Cinematography: S Soundarajan

Producer : Shankar

Story & Director: Simbudevan

Release Date : April 18, 2008
A film with divine touch, the story is about two unemployed youth Raju (Santhanam) and Mani (Kanja Karuppu) who live in the most conjusted mansions of Chennai, Triplicane and lead a life among the thousands of youth who come in search of livelihood and making their dreams come true. However, they meet with failure at all junctions and are unable to find a job and meet their ends. They are on the verge of extreme poverty with loans even in the Tea stall. Added to this is the love angle where Raju wants to marry Mahi (Jyothirmayi) who does not acknowledge his feelings for a long time. Things get messy and unable to control their frustration, they lash out at god for bringing them to such a stage. Out of the blue, God (Prakashraj) appears and he agrees to get them out of their problems. In this process, he also reveals that the power to his godliness is the galaxy yantra which rules the universe. He spends few days and makes the two realize that it is actually their change of attitude and approach that will benefit them. Just before he is about to leave, both Raju and Mani flick the yantra from him and god becomes a normal human being while these two become gods. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.
The director who has made his debut seems to have made his mind to come up with a very clear social message and he focused so much on that aspect that he did not think about considering aspects like entertainment, mass appeal and other things. The plot was very interesting and the presentation was excellent but the narration was dull. Full credit goes to the camerawork for capturing the locales so realistically and the music is equally good though the songs are just about okay. Editing could have been more sharp and the screenplay was competent. Both Santhanam and Kanja Karuppu came out with good performances but Santhanam needs to work with more ease while expressing his emotions. Both Jyothirmayi and Madhumitha did not have much to offer as their role was limited to songs only. Prakash Raj was very calm and poised and though he missed the divinity aspect, he sure looked like one among those common people which is impressive. The supporting cast was experiences and came out with real good performance.
The movie has come across with a very intelligent and realistic way of looking at life and things get much better with the entrance of god in it. While the aim is to dispel conceptions about fate, faith and other things the focus has been so much on the conveying of messages and morals at every instant that the mass audience may find it least interesting. The movie is more of a film festival and award winning material and if the comedy and the pace of the story was worked on, it could have turned out to be a remarkable eye opener to many. There is a lot of Tamil flavour seen in it, hence the Telugu audience may find it hard to connect with the style of presentation though the story will appeal in many ways.

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