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Veera Venkata Vinayak (born October 9) is a successful Telugu cinema director who has the potential to deal with stars such as Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Allu Arjun, Jr. NTR, Venkatesh, Nitin and Prabhas.


Most of his movies have had big stars in the lead. He was well noticed with his first movie Aadi, a blockbuster. Watching his directorial capabilities, Balakrishna offered him Chennekeshava Reddy. Though it didn't succeed as expected, it didn't do much damage to Vinayak's career. He then made a youthful film called Dil that established Dil Raju, a highly successful producer today in the Telugu film industry.

It's a dream for any upcoming director to handle a Chiranjeevi movie. Vinayak is considered lucky to have directed Tagore for Chiranjeevi. This movie set records and won the hearts of millions.

Then, he did Samba with Jr. NTR, and Bunny with Allu Arjun, tasting success. His 2006 flick Lakshmi with Venkatesh restored the glory lost by Venkatesh as a mass hero. It initially started off as an average grosser, but went onto become one of the biggest hits in Venky's career. Vinayak's film with Prabhas, Yogi, released in January 2007,was a average hit film.He is a good director

An Interview With VV Vinayak

You are rated as one of the top directors in the Telugu industry. The name Vinayak is synonymous with hit films. What is your comment?
I am happy that I am rated as one of the top directors but at the same time I am a bit scared. I have directed only a few films. Most of them are hits. But as you know, the stature in the industry is based on success alone. I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement.

It is a general feeling that your films are high budget and that you spend more than what's required...
The budget of my films depends mainly on the script requirements and not on the spending power of the producer. The comments are raised from the fact that I have directed only big budget films so far.

Do you attribute the success of your films to your talent or big heroes?
Script is the life of any film. Narration is another. I would say that a film may not be successful just because a big hero acted in it or a big director worked for it. I had a bitter experience with Chenna Kesava Reddy, a big hero film and I tasted success with Aadi. As you know, NTR did not have a big hero image before Aadi. The success of Aadi gave both of us good recognition in the industry.

Why you are taking up only big budget films? Why not low budget films?
There is nothing like big or small. My task is to make the film commercially successful. I try to make the film a big hit irrespective of the hero. I won’t go in for experiments. I always try my best to keep up my recognition in the industry.

What inspired you to become a director?
Since my father is an exhibitor and distributor, we have close relations with the film industry. Since my childhood I had an inclination towards films. In other words, I was crazy about them. But I was not interested in joining the industry. My uncle’s hometown is Dommeru in West Godavari District. Director EVV also hails from the same place. After seeing the people of the village praising EVV, I felt like becoming a director. Due to financial problems, I had to stop my studies with intermediate. I reached Film Nagar of Hyderabad in 1993. I joined as an apprentice under EVV. That was when he was doing 'Abbayigaru'. From 'Amma Donga' I worked for Sagar in all his films. I have also worked for a few other directors. After nine years, I finally got a break with Aadi.

Could you recall any memorable incident in your life?

I still can't believe that I have become a director. Getting a call from Megastar Chiranjeevi and directing his film is another sweet and memorable incident in my life.

The young heroes in Tollywood feel that if they could act in any of your film they can become mass heroes. What do you say?
It is their affection. My films are script-based and not hero-oriented.

Since you are one of the top directors of Tollywood, how are you utilizing the offers coming your way?
My complete concentration is on the script. Next I think of the producer. I do it one after the other. I don't want to do anything in haste.

You faced some criticism after the release of Bunny that you are taking old stories and packaging them in a new way.
I am doing only commercial mass films. All my earlier movies are like that and hence such comments are natural.

Tell us about your future projects?

At present, I am doing a film with Venkatesh. I will tell you later about my other projects.

* Krishna(2008)
* Yogi (2007)
* Lakshmi (2006)
* Bunny (2005)
* Samba (2004)
* Tagore (2003)
* Dil (2003)
* Chennekeshava Reddy (2002)
* Aadi (2002)

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