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Shri Puhalendi has to his credit good and melodious compositions in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, who worked with veteran music director K.V.Mahadevan
Originally Velayudhan Nayar, Puhalendi composed wonderful music for films like ˜Pasivaadi Praanam, Vinta Katha, Vaisali, ˜Samsaaram Oka Sangeetham Jada Gantalu Jegantalu and the likes. He not only directed films but also has to his credit the music direction of serials like ˜Bhagavatham.

He was the judge for a talent show on one of the satellite T.V. channels Paadalani Undi. The host of the show S.P.Balasubrahmanyam said that it was Puhalendi who composed the music for films like ˜Swati Kiranam and ˜Srinatha Kavi Saarvabhauma.

Music Department:
1. Shrinatha Kavi Sarvabhowma (1993) (assistant composer)
2. Swathi Kiranam (1992) (assistant composer)
3. Pelli Pustakam (1991) (assistant composer)
4. Sutradhaarulu (1990) (assistant composer)
5. Janaki Ramudu (1988) (assistant composer)
6. Sruthi Layalu (1987) (assistant composer)
7. Mangamma Gari Manavadu (1984) (assistant composer)
8. Pelli Choopulu (1983) (assistant composer)
9. Subhalekha (1982) (assistant composer)
10. Radha Kalyanam (1981) (assistant composer)
11. Thyagayya (1981) (assistant music supervisor)
12. Kaliyuga Ravana Surudu (1980) (assistant composer)
13. Saptapadhi (1980) (assistant composer)
14. Subhodayam (1980) (assistant composer)
15. Tayaramma Bangarayya (1979) (assistant composer)
16. Shankarabharanam (1979) (assistant composer)
17. Seetamalakshmi (1978) (assistant composer)
18. Indradhanusu (1977) (assistant composer)
19. Mangalyaniki Maromudi (1976) (assistant composer)
20. Secretary (1976) (assistant composer)
21. Seeta Kalyanam (1976) (assistant composer)
22. Gunavanthudu (1975) (assistant composer)
23. Jeevana Jyoti (1975) (assistant composer)
24. O Seeta Katha (1974) (assistant composer)
25. Andala Ramudu (1973) (assistant composer)
26. Mayadari Malligadu (1973) (assistant composer)
27. Neramu Siksha (1973) (assistant composer)
28. Sharada (1973) (assistant composer)
29. Badi Panthulu (1972) (assistant composer)
30. Koduku Kodalu (1972) (assistant composer)
31. Chelleli Kapuram (1971) (assistant composer)
32. Chinnanaati Snehithulu (1971) (assistant composer)
33. Balaraju Katha (1970) (assistant composer)
34. Buddhimanthudu (1969) (assistant composer)
35. Bangaru Pichika (1968) (assistant composer)
36. Prana Mithrulu (1967) (assistant composer)
37. Saakshi (1967) (assistant composer)
38. Sudigundaalu (1967) (assistant composer)
39. Aastiparulu (1966) (assistant composer)
40. Kanne Manasulu (1966) (assistant composer)
41. Antastulu (1965) (assistant composer)
42. Sumangali (1965) (assistant composer)
43. Tene Manasulu (1965) (assistant composer)
44. Todu Needa (1965) (assistant composer)
45. Aatma Balam (1964) (assistant composer)
46. Daagudumootalu (1964) (assistant composer)
47. Mooga Manasulu (1963) (assistant composer)
48. Manchi Manasulu (1962) (assistant composer)


1. Iddaru Ammayilu (1972)

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