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Producer - Story - Screenplay - Direction: Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao
Banner: Sampada Creation
Dialogues: Ramana Salwa
Music: Valisha Baabji & Sandeep
Release Date: 28th March 2002Cast:
Rimmi Sen,
Anuradha Pradhan,
Vizag Prasad,
Deep Singh,
Gautham Raju, '
Chitram' Sreenu,
Vinay Varma and Baby HasnaStory:
Vasu is an orphan, who lost his parents at a tender age. He becomes a famous architect and falls in love with Maanasa (Charmi) and marries her. Maanasa is a kindhearted lady and loves doing charity work for orphans. After two months of marriage, Maanasa gets hurt in a car accident. The doctors declare that Maanasa would not survive. There is a heart patient Sindhu (Rimmi Sen) who is in need of a heart for her heart transplantation surgery. Maanasa agrees to give away her heart to Sindhu. Maanasa expires and her heart is transplanted into Sindhu.
The devastated Vasu goes spiritual way and decides to build a huge orphanage on the name of Maanasa. Sindhu acquires the address of Vasu and sends him a thank-you greeting card for the favor he has done. But the absent-minded secretary of Vasu misplaces it. After a few months, Sindhu forgets about getting in touch with Vasu and leads a normal life.
Accidentally Sindhu and Vasu meet and gradually they fall in love. Vasu is not aware that Sindhu is the same girl who has undergone heart transplantation. Sindhu is not aware that Vasu is the husband of deceased Maanasa. Rest of the film deals with how Sindhu and Vasu get united.

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