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The noted Telegu film actor Jagapatu Babu is the son of a veteran producer-director and the key person of ‘Jagapathi Arts’ V.B. Rajendra Prasad. He mainly acts in films of the family and comedy genre. He also tries his hand at action films from time to time. He has firmly established his credentials as an actor by portraying a variety of roles and has worked with eminent directors like Ramgopal Varma, Krishna Vamsi, Guna Sekhar, Suresh Krishna and Manirathnam. He is about to enter the world of production as well. He has been paired against the famous star Aamani in several hit films.Apart from being an acclaimed actor, Jagapati Babu is a man with a heart of gold. He watched a program on a local television channel about a prisoner, Ramesh- a poor father of two girls, whose family was in a financial crisis. Jagapati Babu came to their rescue by arranging funds for their monthly expenses. It has been learnt from reliable sources that the actor sends a sum of Rs 3,000 every month to that poverty-stricken family to help them make ends meet. Jagapati Babu even attended the wedding of Ramesh's second daughter Priya's on Dec 10.

Nandi Awards -

Best Actor - ‘Adavilo Abhimanyudu’
Best Actor - ‘Maavichigiru’
Best Supporting Actor - ‘Anthahpuram’
Best Actor - ‘Manoharam’


Swagatham (2007)
Lakshyam (2007)
Pellainakothalo (2007)
Gopi (2006)
Saamaanyudu (2006)
Brahmastram (2006)
Sivakasi (2006)
Madrasi (2006)
That is Paandu (2005)
Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005)
Pandem (2005)
Pedababu (2004)
Kushi Kushiga (2004)

Kabaddi Kabaddi (2003)
Sandade Sandadi (2002)
Nalo Vunna Prema
Siva Rama Raju (2002)
Hanuman Junction (2001)
Family Circus (2001)

Choosodham randi
Sarduku podam randi
Budget Padmanabham (2001)
Manoharam (2000)
Alludugaru vacharu
Manasulo mata
Sanam Tere Hai Hum (2000)
Ravoyi Chandamama (1999)
Subhakankshalu (1998)
Antahpuram (1998)
Maavidakulu (1998)
maavi chiguru

Priya ragaalu
Jabilamma pelli
Pelli Peetalu
Pelli pandiri
Pelli Kanuka (1998)
Maa Aavida Collector (1997)
Mavichiguru (1996)
Sreekaram (1996)
Chilakapacha kapuram
Subhamasthu (1995)
Bhale bullodu
Bhale pellam
Ayanaku Iddaru (1995)
Allari Premikudu (1994)
Shubhalagnam (1994)
Aasayam (1993)
Gaayam (1993)
Jailaru gari abbayi
Balarama Krishnulu (1992)
Mother India (1992)
Pillalu diddina kapuram
Peddarikam (1992)
Ragulutunna Bharatam
Adavilo Abhimanyudu
Pandiri mancham
Simha Swapnam (Debut)
Interview With Jagapathi Babu Click Here

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