Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Directed by
S. V. Krishna Reddy



Written by

S. V. Krishna Reddy

Music by

S. V. Krishna Reddy


M. Jawahar Reddy

Editing by

S. V. Krishna Reddy

Release date(s)

June 30, 2007

* Sangeetha
* Shabana Khan (Debut)
* Ali
* Kota Srinivasa Rao
* Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam
* Giri babu
* Krishna Bhagawan
* Brahmanandam
* Surekha Vani

Venkataramana (Venu (actor)|Venu) is a honest police officer. He does not take bribe and always stands by his word. Hew is an orphan and has a dream of helping the orphans. His friend Krishna Bhaghavan plays a cop who misses no opportunity to make money. He fines pedestrians for not wearing a helmet.

Venkataramana's wife Bhanumathi (Sangeetha) is a middleclass girl who is all the time dreaming of riches and a costly lifestyle. The honest cop cannot fulfill her demands and suffers constant harassment from his wife. She even denies him conjugal bliss.

The hero buys a lottery ticket for his wife. However, when he eats at a restaurant, he has no money to pay the bill. So he promises to share half the prize money from his lottery with Dharani (Shabhana Khan), Who is the waitrees at the hotel.

Venkataramana wins 10 crore in the lottery and as promised he gives 5 crore to Dharani. Bhanumathi cannot digest this fact and she suspects that her husband s having an affair with the waitress. Her suspicion is further strengthened with the expose of an intrusive media. She files for divorce and the full 10 crore prize money. She wins the case and Venkataramana comes onto the street.

What is the fate of Venkataramana? Bhanumathi? Dharani? All this is suspense and is disclosed in the climax.

The performance of Sangeetha is very good. She finally gets a chance with this film to exhibit her histrionic skills. Venu plays his role to perfection. The new girl Shabhana Khan is promising.

It is a remake of nicolas cage's "IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU".

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