Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Directed by
Surendra Reddy

Writing credits
Abburi Ravi dialogue
Surendra Reddy screenplay
Surendra Reddy story

Produced by
G. Ramesh Babu
Original Music by
Mani Sharma

Cinematography by
Ram Prasad
Sameer Reddy

Film Editing by
Gautham Raju

Production Management
Rao Laxman .... production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Srinivas Tagore .... second assistant director
Mahesh Babu ... Athidhi
Amrita Rao ... Amrita
Brahmanandam ... Comedian
Vajja Venkata Giridhar ... Hero friend
Rajeev Kanakala ... Heroine father
Srinivasa Rao Kota
Nasser ... Home Minister
Gangadhar Panday ... Kidnap victim
Prakash Raj
Suneel ... Camedian
Ashish Vidyarthi ... Hero friend

A boy wanders through all of Delhi looking for a job. When selling balloons, he sees a girl and gives her a free balloon. A few days later, during a storm, the girl finds the boy getting soaked. The girl then gives the boy an umbrella. The umbrella blows into a dangerous place where the girls parents are headed. The boy stops them. The parents like him and the boy gets adopted by the parents. They name the boy "Athidhi" which means "guest." One day, while driving Athidhi to a hostel, they are stopped by a teenager named Kaiser who mugs them, and shoots the parents. In his rage, Athidhi lunges after the teen managing to take the teen's gun. Nearby witnesses see Athidhi with a gun and 2 dead peopleand think that Athidhi killed them. The police come and arrest Athidhi.The girl also thinks that it was Athidhi who killed her parents and starts to hate him and hopes that she will never see him again.

Fourteen years later, Athidhi (now Mahesh Babu) gets out of jail. In Delhi, he runs across a girl named Amrita (Amrita Rao).Amritha and Athidhi meet many times. Amrita starts to like Athdhi, but has to go back to Hyderabad before she can confess her love.When she goes to try tell him that she is leaving Athidhi gets annoyed. He continuously tells her to leave him alone, when she keeps asking to get some coffee and slaps her.She runs away crying.Later Athidhi goes to Amrita's to say sorry but only finds her friend.She tells him that Amrita just wanted to tell him that she's leaving.They then go to the cemetery seeing if she is there.Amrita's friend then explains that a boy named Athidhi killed Amrita's parents when she was young and Amrita goes to the cemetery to see their graves all the time.Athidhi then finds out that she was the same girl that he met in his childhood and leaves for Hyderabad to find her. When Athidhi also arrives to Hyderabad a few days later, he learns that a don named Kaiser is feared there. Later in the film, he realizes that Kaiser was the teen who killed his adopted-parents. Now Kaiser is trying to kill Amrita. Athidhi stops two attempts by Kaiser to murder Amrita. Meanwhile, a police officer(Murali Sharma) is trying to track down Kaiser. The police officer dies in an explosion in his house which was planned by Kaiser.Athidhi figures out later on that the inspector is also Kaiser and the explosion was fake. Athidhi manages to kill one of Kaiser's men.Kaiser then kidnaps Amrita and her cousin. Kaiser kills Amrita's cousin. Then Kaiser leds Amrita to a dungeon and calls Athidi and tells him that he will kill Amrita if Athidhi doesn't rescue her in 12 hours. Then Athidi comes and kills Kaiser and saves Amrita.

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