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Sainikudu (2006)

Action: Peter Hein.
Art: Anand Sai.
Cinematography: Bala Subramanian.
Dialogues: Paruchuri brothers.
Editing: Sreekar Prasad.
Music: Harris Jayaraj.
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Gunashekhar.
Producer: C. Aswani Dutt.
Presenter: C. Dharmaraju.
Banner: Vyjayanthi Studios (P) Limited.
Release Date: 30th November, 2006.
Irfan Khan,
Ravi Verma,
Ajay and Others.
Story: Siddhartha (Maheshbabu) and his friends are graduates who help flood victims, only to discover later that the help that these survivors were promised by the government does not reach them and that criminal turned politician Pappu Yadav (Irfan Khan) is behind it all.Siddhartha makes his friend Ajay Kumar (Ajay) stand against Yadav for the seat, but Yadav's men plan a conspiracy involving Yadav's car being bombed so that even as he makes a narrow escape, Siddhartha and his friends are accused, with Yadav winning through sympathy and the students behind bars. Siddhartha escapes from the jail, kidnaps Varalakshmi (Trisha), Pappu Yadav's fiancé and demands that the flood victims get their rightful dues. What follows is a run and chase drama, and what happens next is the rest of the story.
* "Byla Bylamo"
Sung by Leslie Lewis, Anushka Manchandani, and Sunitha Saradhy
Composed by Harris Jayaraj

* "Mayeraa"
Sung by Balasubramaniam S.P., Unnikrishnan, Kavita Krishnamurthy
Composed by Harris Jayaraj

* "Aadapilla Aggipulla"
Sung by Hariharan and K.S. Chitra
Composed by Harris Jayaraj

* "Sogasu Choodu"
Sung by Shreya Ghoshal
Composed by Harris Jayaraj
* "Orugalluke Pilla"
Sung by Karunya, Karthik, Harini, and Malathi
Composed by Harris Jayaraj

* "Go Go Adhigo"
Sung by Kay Kay
Composed by Harris Jayaraj

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