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Director : Hemambadhara Rao K
Producer : Padmanabham
Music Director : Kothandapani SP

Cast :
Padma Nabham,
Rama Rao NT,
Veteran actor Padmanabham was essentially a theatre actor. Even after he found success in movies, his first love remained theatre. He co-founded a theatre group with his friend Vallam Narasimha Rao, Rekha and Murali Arts. 'Shanti Nivasam' was one of their theatrical ventures, which was later made into a movie. In that play, musician SP Kodandapani and lyricist Veturi worked too. Veturi wrote a story which Padmanabham really liked, but it was unfit to be made into a play owing to the double role of the female lead. A movie seemed like a good idea, but Padmanabham was nervous about producing a movie. With Kodandapani's encouragement, however, he finally braved into the big bad world of film production.

The story which caught his fancy went thus: Prasad, a lecturer has a happy life with a loving wife Sita and son Madhu. His parents dote on his wife and vice versa. The news of Sita's father's illness causes her to take a train to her hometown, but the train meets with an accident. Sita returns unharmed, but suffers from evident amnesia and ill-treats everyone now. Her father dies and leaves all his property to her.

Meanwhile a doctor figures out that this is not Sita, and Sita indeed demised in the tragic accident. It turns out to be an imposter, by name Lalitha. Prasad, depressed and dejected, sets out to get Lalitha married to her lover. Her lover refuses to marry her, suspecting a liaison between Lalitha and Prasad. After that, Sita's relative kidnaps Lalitha with an eye on her property. Prasad saves her and she falls in love with him and they get married. Well, all's well that ends well.

The title was decided-'Devatha'. Padmanabham approached NTR and Savithri, who nodded their approval. Savithri was pregnant at that time, so the movie had to be finished fast, and so they did. In three months of starting the venture, they released it to full houses, distributed by Vani Films. Padmanabham apparently mortgaged his house to produce the movie, but the risk paid off.

Dialogue of the Movie: When Prasad (NTR) wears a lalchi-pancha, then Padmanabham tells him "Ninnu ee lalchi-pancha lo chustunte, Sowkar cinema lo Ramarao gurthostunnadu Bava." Needless to say, hoots and whistles followed this wisecrack each show.

Veteran comedian Padmanabham was last seen in Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila.
Padmanabham, apart from donning the role of a producer also played a part in the movie. He dons the role of a film-crazy villager who goes to visit all his favorite stars in Madras. In the first-of-a-kind idea then, a number of stars like SV Rangarao, Anjali Devi, Gummadi, Jamuna, Sowkar Janaki and others make special appearances in the movie. This was a highlight for the movie, and many audiences thronged the theatres just to see this portion.

During the filming, Padmasri was announced for Nagaiah. The whole unit celebrated the honor bestowed upon their very own Telugu actor. Padmanabham's son Murali played NTR-Savithri's son, Madhu. He was seen a couple of movies after that as a child artiste. Vanisri danced to a song 'Naaku Neeve Kavalira' and was noticed by none other than the lead pair. Savithri, in fact, is supposed to have told NTR that this young girl will come up as an actress, given how emotive and expressive she was. And her prediction really came true in later years.

Padmanabham's debut as a producer hit bulls-eye at the Box-Office. After this, he produced movies like Potti Pleadaru, Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna, Kathaanayika Molla, Jataka Ratna Midatham Botlu and others, where he donned roles that showed his versatility as an actor.

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