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Vijaya Productions (P) Ltd.

LV Prasad.

Nagi Reddi



A. Krishnan.

P. Krishnamurthy.

Marcus Bartley.

Sadasiva Brahmam.

G. Kalyana Sundaram-
K. Radhakrishna.

Pingali Nagendra Rao.


S. Rajeswara Rao.

LV Prasad-
Sadasiva Brahmam.


K. Jaggaiah,
CSR Anjaneyulu,
Ramana Reddy,
R. Nageswara Rao,
K. Sivarao,
Nalla Ramamurthy,
A. Ramalingaiah,
Ch. Kutumba Rao,
Ogirala Narasimha Murthy,
K. Prasada Rao,
Suryakantham and Others.

After Mayabazar, their sixth movie, Vijaya Productions became renowned throughout the nation. An year after it's release, Nagi Reddy-Chakrapani started work on the next venture. Alternating themes of social dramas and fantasy flicks including folklore and mythology was Vijaya's forte.

'Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu' is a well-known Telugu proverb forewarning about debt. Based on the saying, the movie materialized. The screenplay was written by Chakrapani, LV Prasad (a Vijaya regular by now) and Sadasiva Brahmam (first-timer with Vijaya).

NTR-Savithri, Vijaya's blue-eyed duo was the main leads and Jagayya, CSR Anjaneyulu and Jamuna were cast in prominent roles. Another favorite duo, Relangi and Girija are also a part of the movie. This was Jagayya's first movie with Vijaya.

The story is of course, based on debt. Rao Bahadur Ramadasu borrows from all and sundry, and spends relentlessly. Zamindar Diwan Bahadur Mukunda Rao is an innocent simpleton, and a good man. He is on the quest for the perfect match for his granddaughter Manjari. Ramadasu wants his London-returned son, Dr. Raghu to marry Manjari and take all of Mukunda Rao's assets.

Here's the catch: Raghu's married to Leela, who is pretending to be a maid-servant and works in Raghu's home. Manjari is in love with Raja, Leela's brother, who reciprocates and is jailed for being a revolutionary and a part of the independence struggle. Raja's released from jail, and to set the affairs straight and teach Ramadasu a lesson, he pretends to be Bonkulamarri Raja, a big-time Zamindar and stays in Mukunda Rao's home, who now wants Raja to marry Manjari. Raghu gets involved in the drama without anyone's invite or knowledge, thus producing situational humor by posing as a prospective groom for Manjari and flirting with his maid/wife much to his father's horror. Confusion and comedy follow, while in the end Ramadasu learns his lesson and all the jodis are united.

Saluri Rajeswara Rao gave the music; while Ghantasala did the playback for NTR and Relangi, AM Raja rendered for Jagayya. Pingali wrote the lyrics and Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu has a total of 15 songs including poems. One of the songs picturized on Jagayya-Jamuna 'Cheyi Cheyi Kalapu' was parodied and used by the Congress party in 1989 elections. Kadan Vangi Kalyanam, the Tamil version, was shot for simultaneously.

Movie industries worldwide are overflowing with sentiments and superstitions. Vijaya Productions had it's share. One of them was a dream sequence, ever so popular in our movies. Like Savithri in Missamma, NTR dreams up a sequence in Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu which involves the story of Nala-Damayanthi, in which he is Nala and Savithri is Damayanthi and Jagayya is Devendra. This is when SVR agrees to the marriage of NTR and Savithri. Padmanabham, a small-time and lesser known actor then, did a small part as a potential bridegroom for Girija, who plays Relangi's love-interest in the movie.

NTR is shown without a mustache only in mythological or folk movies. This is the only movie where he is shown without mush in one scene in a social drama. Savithri as Manjari and Jagayya in a mischievous role clicked in the movie. Jamuna plays NTR's sister Leela, who stays mum for most part of the movie. CSR and SVR also elevated the movie with their portrayal of typical characters.

Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu has all the elements of a good family entertainer, and is a satirical comedy with a strong one-point message. Nagi Reddy-Chakrapani along with LV Prasad worked their magic together to produce another feather in Vijaya's cap and NTR's 55th film.

For Lyrics of the appu chesi pappu kudu songs - click here

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