Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Date of Birth:
28 January 1920, Udipi, Karnataka, India
Date of Death:
28 May 1999, Madras, India.

Some directors and writers were framed in what stories and characters they had selected.That characters should not exeed the border of the story.But in fantasy pictures there is no border.In historical movies,social movies,and mythologicalmovies there is some limits.But in socio fantasy pictures turn the movie or character in his own thought.Audians also enjoy the cinema.Vithalacharya was very famous to direct this socio fantasy pictures.He was basically tamilian.But he believed an astrologist word ‘If you make telugu movies you will get success’,then he started making movies in telugu.His first film was kanyadanam,1955 that was social film.He started to make socio fantasy film with Jaya vijaya in 1959.Then most of the films he made with N.T.R and Kantha rao.N.T.R and Kantha rao get mass following by this pictures.He was very planned in making movies.he was able to complete the cinema in a small budget.Using the one set in different shots with small changes was his speciality.Using same ornaments with small changes was his speciality and also he says audians involved in the movie who identify the small changes.In case of actors call sheet missed , he will changed that character to parrot or monkey ,that was his talent.

In those days one good looking person came to vithalacharya for cine chance,Vithalacharya sayed you you are the hero of my next film.collegues were wondered.Then he sayed to his collegues in that picture the hero will changed as a parrot in beginning shot and became original getup in ending shot,for this what is the necessary of star hero,that was vithalacharya.He was very calculated in money matters,the payment to artists was very pacca in time to time.He announced the releasing date before shooting,that much planning in shooting,budget was his speciality.


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1. Jai Vethlam (1985)
2. Jaganmohini (1978) (as B. Vittala Acharya)
3. Alibaba 40 Dongalu (1970)
4. Bhale Monagadu (1968)
5. Ninne Pelladuta (1968)
6. Chikkadu Dorakadu (1967)
7. Bandipotu (1963)
8. Veera Kesari (1963)
9. Mane Thumbida Hennu (1958)
10. Muttidella Baghya (1956)
11. Kanyadana (1954)
12. Kanyadanam (1954)


1. Bhale Monagadu (1968)


1. Bandipotu (1963) (producer)

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