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This tall and graceful actress is best remembered for her popular pairing with Rajkumar and she was one of the most elegant stars of the seventies. She made her debut in a romantic movie, Love In Bangalore and went on to do more than 150 films in Kannada and a few in Hindi ,telugu too.She acted with ANR,KRISHNA,SOBHAN BABU AND NTR IN TELUGU.Some of her most popular films have been Amma, Beedi Basavanna, Madhu Malathi, Bangarada Manushya and Bhagya Jyothi. She married a very popular co-star, Vishnuvardhan, with whom she had worked in several hit movies.She stopped working in films during the eighties and switched to doing the occasional role on television, where audiences warm to her sensitive portrayals of sympathetic elderly women.Filmography

1. Karumadikkuttan (2001) .... Bharathy (grandmother)
2. Sethu (1999) .... Sethu's sister-in-law
3. Varnapakittu (1997)
4. Devasuram (1993) .... Neelakandan's Mother
5. Izzatdaar (1990) (as Bharati) .... Sujatha
6. Uttar Dakshin (1987)
7. Uppu (1986) .... Khadeeja
8. Nagarhole (1977) .... Madhu
9. Kunwara Baap (1974) (as Bharati) .... Radha
10. Naya Din Nai Raat (1974) .... Inmate
11. Neramu Siksha (1973)
12. Bangarada Manushya (1972) .... Lakshmi
13. Seema (1971)
14. Mastana (1970) (as Bharti) .... Sharda
15. Jai Jawan (1970)

16. Do Kaliyaan (1968)
17. Sadhu Aur Shaitaan (1968) .... Vidya Shastri/Chuniya (in play)
18. Gange Gowri (1967)
19. Mehrban (1967) (as N. Bharathi) .... Geeta Shanti Swarup
20. Suraj (1966) (as Bharati) .... Geeta Singh
21. Geet Gaaya Pattharonne (1964)

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Anonymous said...

I recently saw Telugu movie Neramu shiksha - a 1973 movie with Krishna - where Bharati was the herione. She acted so naturally and sensibly - it is rare to see such natural performance. Kudos to her. God bless her with long life! - Samam

Pradeep said...

I believe there is no other actress as Bharathi in her times who had such a perfect figure! Just watched "Bangaru Gajulu" She is lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I too saw the movie Neramu Siksha. She is really gracious. I am looking forward to getting 'Bangaru gajulu'.

Unknown said...

Bharathi was and still is one of my favorite actor. She was was not only beautiful but also gifted with acting skills. Unfortunately critics thought she was beauty with no brain and rated Kalpana as The actor when it comes to acting. she ws gifted with sweet voice and a face with innocence. How can anyone forget her histrionics in films such as Sandhyaraaga, Amma,Beedi Basavanna, Gandondu Hennaru, Sri Krisnadevaraya,Bangarada Manushya and finally Doorad Betta. By Coincidence Rajkumar Was the hero in all these films. The chemistry of thee two acotrs in all 25 films is such that the romantic scenes are so perfect one logs to them again and again forthey were so natural devoid of any vulgarity.- K Puttaswamy

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