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The Sunrise and Sunset were golden yellow before the incident. Mourning would never come to close even if all the living beings shed tears for their lifetime. The person was calm as an ocean despite facing many storms, suffering many volcanoes on his bed. He was so kind-hearted a person that he was not even angry either when people crowned him with thorns or when nails were being driven through his body. The blood thus sprinkled out of his body rose to the skies changing the colour of the nature itself. Hence onwards, the Sunrises and Sunsets are being seen with his shades of his blood shed at that time.

He is none other than the Jesus Christ. The incident was nailing him on to the cross, alive. He was a legend for bringing in peace unto humankind. How many are courageous and strong enough, spiritually, to look at him.

May be for this reason, many tried and tired to perform as Jesus Christ for the silver screen. If we take a look at the Indian cinema industry, there were numerous attempts right from small artistes to the star(king)dom holders like MGR. Unfortunately, every attempt of theirs went in vain and none could dare to think about making a film or acting in such a film. That was the result of the happenings encircling the performers and crew that attempted to present Christ on the big screen.

The history of the Indian cinema industry remained so, as fear and scare strangled the industry and made them so weak that any idea was quickly brushed away.

Amid these conditions, one man emerged victorious in both making the movie on Jesus Christ and act in the Holy role too. May be, as the custom of nature goes, a life takes form to perform its duty before reaching its final destiny. And, it is true if someone says that Nature wished this soul to take human form to play the role of Jesus Christ and show the people who could not have at least one glimpse of Him, how He might have looked like in a body form. He had done it all to perfect.

Of course, it was not a cakewalk for him. It was a bed of thorns every minute, every hour of every day all through the making of the film.

Vijaychander, Yes! You remember him with a divine smile and hand raised for blessing in the white garb on the big screen.

Majority of us are destined to be part of history and countable few created the history. Vijaychander, who sacrificed all his comforts, luxuries and pushed all the pains and sorrows he was facing regularly down his throat was smiling and ever smiling before the camera. Karunamayudu (Man filled with mercy), true to the title, Vijaychander was blessed by Jesus Christ and could complete his movie lifting Herculean tasks onto his shoulders and resting the weight on the Lord.

It was all the good deeds of Vijaychander in his earlier births that turned fruitful in this form. He forayed into the minds and souls of millions of viewers across the globe as living Jesus, just by his performance in Karunamayudu.

Vijaychander is almost like a mobile church with Jesus on the throne of his heart and soul within. A celestial experience surrounds anyone who interacts with him.

Q: Tell us about the background that drove you to cinema industry.

A: Tanguturi Surya Kumari, famous singer of those days is my maternal aunt. Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam is my grandfather (mother’s father). It was all the Creator’s blessings that I was born in a vibrant atmosphere that drew all my interests towards performing arts. From there I took the road to cinema industry.

Q: What was your relation with stage acting before you forayed onto the silver screen?

A: Stage is the foundation for my present life. In fact, I have a longstanding and most loveable relation with the stage performances. That was the beginning.

Q: What were the plays you shared the stage with?

A: Lobhi, Room No 9, Inspector General, Master Ji, Wanted Fathers and so on goes the uncounted performances on the stage. I played as woman in Room No 9.

Q: How long was it for you to get attached directly with stage?

A: I was a raw material in the beginning, just like any common enthusiast. The stage exposure from 1958 to 1967 transformed me into a trained and experienced performer. Stage was my breath during those years.

Q: When did you enter cinema industry and how?

A: I stepped into the cinema industry not as an actor but as a producer. I wished to make a movie titled ‘Daari Thappina Doctor’ in 1967. Unfortunately, I could not bring it to the masses.

Q: You entered as a producer. When did you transform into an actor on the big screen?

A: Makeup man Veerraju was a famous personality in the industry those days. Stalwarts like Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Savithri, Adurthi Subba Rao, K Vishwanath and others used to gather at Veerraju’s place for playing shuttle badminton. I used to visit the place regularly. Vishwanath very often advised me and counselled me to become an actor.

The time co-ordinated when ace director Bapu was getting ready for making ‘Buddimanthudu’ film with Nageshwara Rao. My friend B V Rama Rao took me to Bapu and introduced me. Bapu gave me the first chance to act before the camera in Buddimanthudu.

Q: How was your sail in the industry since then?

A: In 1970, Adurthi Subba Rao offered me a side hero chance along with Akkineni Nageshwara Rao in his ‘Maro Prapancham’. Later, in 1971 and 1972 I paired with Vijaya Lalitha for Rowdi Rani, Maa Vuri Monagadu, Pasivani Paga and Basthi Bulbul.

Q: Those were positive characters, how about negative roles?

A: I have two negative roles as villain to my credit in Suputhrudu and Devi Lalithamba.

Q: When did you first get the chance to play Jesus?

A: In 1973, A S Raju took off for making a movie on Jesus titled ‘Raaraju Kreesthu’. It was the first ever makeup for me as Jesus Christ. History repeated and similar to the earlier movies on Jesus this film too came to grinding halt long before completion.

Even person who faced camera in the Jesus getup also experienced death like situations. Unknowingly, a sacred feeling filled in me immediately after I took the role as Christ for the first time. I even experienced the divine Jesus descend from the heavens and invoke himself into me and spread all over.

I took an oath that until and unless I finish a movie performing as Jesus and that film is screened for audience, I will not take any other role. Industry persons ridiculed and laughed at me on hearing my oath. Everyone tried to scare me stating that no film was completed in India till date and the actors in that role would only be left in the dump for miseries.

I never bothered with them and strongly decided to sacrifice what ever the Creator had bestowed on me for the role. That was the day when havoc descended on my life. No one gave me opportunity to do Jesus. Moreover, Raaraju Kreesthu was totally shelved by then.

I committed myself to make it possible and started with a title ‘Karunamayudu’. From 1973 to 1978, I strived every day in and out for gathering sufficient funds for making that movie. Changed line activities fast and just like that. A garment export order worth Rs Five Lakh was rejected in 1977 and my company was in doldrums. Drawing courage even from that situation I transformed the rejected garments as costumes to the movie and started my venture. Modukuri Johnson was writer, me as producer and Jesus character performer. Again, there were advises not to continue with the project anymore.

Similar to their warnings, movie making stalled several times. There were times when I could not enjoy a cup of tea for days together. I never bowed out of the trouble and shed the character. Finally, the movie was completed.

Q: How was the response for Karunamayudu?

A: The first copy arrived and there was no buyer. I managed to make the movie in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions, facing all the odds. At last, some buyers came forward and released the movie on December 21, 1978. All theatres were clean empty. The situation carried on till December 25, the Christmas Day. The next dawn, on December 26, brought the blissful spin of fate bringing blessings of Jesus.

From that day on, not a single seat was left unfilled for minimum 100 days. The Indian cinema industry witnessed a memorable occasion then. People came in all possible vehicles and stayed in lodges close to the theatres and camp for days to view Karunamayudu. People waited in long queues for days and cooked their food beside the queues. Does one need any other proof for the blessings of Jesus?

Q: Explain your attachment with Jesus and his role.

A: Every cell in me is filled with Jesus. However, I used to fight and curse with Jesus during the troublesome period of making the movie. Why did you create an urge to play your role in me? Why are you taking acid test of me, who is committed to do your character? Are you really there? And so on went the struggle, as a son fights with his father.

Every moment I was in the heat of interacting with Jesus, fighting with him arguing and loving him. This entire internal struggle, which I realised later, drew me more and more closer to Him. My commitment, dedication and sacrifices were foundations to take his blessings for my life. The nectar of playing the Jesus character made me realise that there is God in everyone. I visit all temples and holy places. At every place I find Jesus in the deity forms.

Q: Can you recollect any situation you went through during the filming process?

A: Yes. One of the known persons promised to arrange some money. Believing him I set stage to continue shooting at Bhairava Palem near Macharla in Guntur district. In the last minute he waved an empty hand. God! I was carrying just three thousand rupees then. I prayed Jesus remembering the test day where Jesus distributed three buns to three thousand devotees to satiate their hunger. I told him it was his responsibility to take care of the shooting with those Rs 3,000/- Unbelievable, shooting went on without any break or hardship for days together. It would be short of words to explain, experience remains.

Q: How did the onlookers react to the shooting schedules?

A: This would be an important question for the readers. When the shooting was in progress at Bhairava Palem, one schedule was Jesus pulling the cross up the hill. People from nearby villages flooded to the site and blocked us from continuing. They complained that it was ill fate of those people that witnessed original Jesus when he was being put on the cross. We cannot see the same sequence, even if it were to be just shooting, was their argument.

All the crew had to speak to village heads and convince them with a great effort. All the onlookers wept at the shooting spots taking me to be Jesus. They all forgot that it was just coloured water dropping out of my body not blood. Such huge was the reception of people. The whole crew and performers were treated as VIP guests by the villagers all through the days we did shooting there.

Q: How many versions did you release including dubbing?

A: Totally Karunamayudu was dubbed into 16 languages. This is the first ever film that was accepted in so many languages. Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Oriya, Marathi, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarathi, Nepali and Sindhi. In all the versions, it was a success that cannot be measured with industry scales.

Q: Are there any locations that screen Karunamayudu now?

A: Every year about 40 to 50 prints of 16 MM and 35 MM are being printed regularly. In addition to 35 MM prints in the world, over 1500 16 MM prints, lakhs of VHP cassettes, CDs, DVDs are in circulation for screening the movie. For the past 23 years, Karunamayudu is being screened in one or the other corner of the country regularly even today. Again this is the first ever movie to be screened so. It is all Jesus’ blessings.

Q: What about your other ventures besides Karunamayudu?

A: In 1982, I made a movie on my grandfather Andhra Kesari with myself in the lead role and directed it. This film was awarded Nandi by the State Government. In 1986, I played as Shirdi Sai Baba, in 1986 as Vemana in Vemana Charithra, later in 1987 Dayamayudu.

A 150-episode serial titled Dayasagar was telecasted on the national network from 1996 to 1998. This was dubbed into Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and other languages for repeat telecasts.
Vijaychander, at Present

He did just 15 films all through his 33 years long industry career. But, he bagged reputation and recognition equivalent to those who might have done over 1000 ventures with just one movie Karunamayudu. He is a prominent actor and popular personality in and out of the country.

He is now engaged in serving the community at large by establishing a trust. He is working on a location ‘Karaunamayudi Punya Kshethram’ near Hyderabad. On this land Vijaychander is putting in efforts to establish old age homes, orphanages, colleges and university. All this he says is a small contribution to the society that gave him so much. Hamarashehar.com wishes him all the success in his endeavours.

Currently, he is working on a celestial movie titled ‘Pilisthe Palukutha’ based on life of Shirdi Sai Baba. He can be reached at:

Vijaychander Telidevara
# 404, Sri Sai Ram Towers,
J P Nagar, Yella Reddy Guda,
Hyderabad – 500 073
Phones: 6623836 / 6623837
e-Mail: vc1942@hotmail.com


Jump to filmography as: Actor, Producer

1. Kabirdas (2003) .... Kabirdas
2. Aapathbandavudu (1992)
3. Raat (1992)
4. Yogi Vemana (1988) .... Vemana
5. Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mahathyam (1986) .... Bhagwan Shri Sai Baba
6. Rajadhi Raju (1980)
7. Karunamayudu (1978) (as T.S. VijayChander) .... Ishu
... aka Dayasagar (India: Hindi title: reissue title)
... aka Karunamoorthy (India: Tamil title: reissue title)
... aka Man of Compassion (International: English title: literal title)
... aka Ocean of Mercy (International: English title)
... aka Oceans of Mercy (USA: informal title)
... aka Shanti Sandesham (reissue title)
... aka The Merciful
8. Sudigundaalu (1967)


1. Karunamayudu (1978) (producer) (as T.S. Vijaya Chandar)
... aka Dayasagar (India: Hindi title: reissue title)
... aka Karunamoorthy (India: Tamil title: reissue title)
... aka Man of Compassion (International: English title: literal title)
... aka Ocean of Mercy (International: English title)
... aka Oceans of Mercy (USA: informal title)
... aka Shanti Sandesham (reissue title)
... aka The Merciful

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