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Nandi Awards for 2009 Announced: Slice it and Dice it

So yesterday our government of Andhra Pradesh has released the list of winners of Nandi Awards for the year 2009. Let me present you the list first and express my views next.

The List I wont comment up on (I have not seen and not heard any of these movies, So I wont comment upon these movies) :

Best Documentary: Kartavyam
Best Educating Movie: Vimukthi
Best Movie with Social Integration: Jagadguru Shri Shirdi Sai Baba
Best Children Movie: Najarana
2nd Best Children Movie: Banti
Best Children Movie Director: Koti Babu (Najarana)
Best Child Actor: Sai Krishna (Drona)
Best Child Actress: Gayatri (My name is Amrutha)
Best Critic: Mamidi Harikrishna
Best Book: Aanaati Aanavallu (Pulagam Chinnarayana)

Commercial Movies:

Best Movie: Sontha Ooru
2nd Best Movie: Baanam
3rd Best Movie: Kalavaramaye Madhilo
Best Popular Movie: Magadheera
Best Family Entertainer: Koncham Istham Koncham Kastam

Best Director: Rajamouli (Magadheera)
Best Story Writer: Sekhar Kammula (Leader)
Best Debut Director: Suman Pathuri (Inkosaari)

Best Actor: Dasari Narayana Rao (Mesthri)
Best Actress: Teertha (Sontha Ooru)
Best Supporting Actor: Ram Jagan (Mahatma)
Best Supporting Actress: Ramya Krishna (Raju Maharaju)
Best Actor in a negative role: Tarakaratna (Amaravathi)
Best Actor in comedy role: Kishore (Inkosaari)
Best Actress in comedy role: Hema (Koncham Istham Koncham Kastam)
Best Character Artist: L B Sriram (Sontha Ooru)
Best Dialogue Writer: L B Sriram (Sontha Ooru)
Best Screenplay Writers: Deepak Raj, Vikram Sirikonda (Koncham Istham Koncham Kastam)
Best Lyric Writer: Suddala Ashok Teja (Mesthri)

Best Music Director: MM Keeravani (Vengamamba)
Best Male Playback Singer: SP Balasubramaniam (Kontha mandhi inti peru kadhura Gandhi - Mahatma)
Best Female Playback Singer: Chitra (Matrudevobhava - Kalavaramaye Madhilo)

Best Cinematographer: Sudhakar Reddy (Amaravathi)
Best Choreographer: Shiva Shankar (Dheera Dheera- Magadheera)
Best Art Direction: Ravinder (Magadheera)
Best Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao (Magadheera)
Best Special Effects: Kamal Kannan, Sanath PC, Srinivas (Magadheera)
Best Costumes: Rama Rajamouli (Magadheera)
Best Audiography: G Radha Krishna (Magadheera)
Best Fight Master: Ram-Laxman (Ride)
Best MakeUp: Mallikarjuna Rao (Vengamamba)

Best Male Dubbing Artist: Ravi Shankar (Anjaneyulu)
Best Female Dubbing Artist: Sowmya (Mahatma)

Special Jury Awards:

Srikanth - Mahatma
Ram Charan - Magadheera
Genelia - Katha
Raghu Kunche - Bumper Offer
Movie - Raju Maharaju


Let us remind of popular movies of 2009 from our industry.

Amaravathi, Anjaneyulu, Arya 2, Baanam, Bendu Appa Rao RMP, Billa, Bumper Offer, Ek Niranjan, Gopi Gopika Godavari, Josh, Kick, Koncham Istham Koncham Kastam, Magadheera, Mahatma, Mitrudu, Oy, Prayanam, Sasirekha Parinayam, Sontha Ooru, Mesthri (Last two movies are listed because they got awards, no other reason) and Leader (Included)

Best Movies Category:

Sontha Ooru, Baanam and Kalavaramaye Madhilo.
I remember the press release of Sontha Ooru. They declared in the press meet itself that L B Sriram would get award. So, does it deserve best movie? I really doubt its credibility for the first place. And another joke is Kalavaramaye Madhilo!!! Hahaha!!
I feel Baanam to be in the top 3 movies of the last year. Baanam deserves a Nandi. And what about Prayanam, Mahatma and Leader?? I would seriously recommend the jury to watch these 3 movies again. If at all they want to encourage talent, please take some sensible decisions. Its like the jury want to satisfy people giving them some award but not the award they deserve.

Best Director:

The probable contestants can be Rajamouli, Sekhar Kammula, Chaitanya Dantuluri (Baanam). Its an obvious choice to pick Rajamouli for the effort he has put. Jury did not have a choice :P

Best Story Writer:

Again an obvious choice for the jury. As simple as that our movies lack serious stories. If you observe the movies excepting for Mahatma and Baanam no other movie has a proper serious content orientation. Sekhar really did a good job for Leader though there were hiccups at some places.

Best Debut Director:

Horrible!!! Please jury save telugu cinema. Have you watched Inkosaari? Its one of the horrible movies I have seen recently and you gave him best debut director. We had a new director named Vasu Varma who directed Josh which was a pretty decent movie.

Best Actor:

Hahahaha!!! Dasari... hahaha!!! peace out brothers. Hey Ramcharan dude dont worry you got the jury. What about Rana?? Atleast Srikanth??? I seriously think Allu Arjun deserves the award. So many of you might think of Arya 2 as Psycho movie. But the character played by Arjun is not so simple to enact and he did so well. Our industry needs time to accept that kind of movies.

Best Actress:

Teertha. Hmm.. So if a girl does a bold character, you call her a best actress. Wow I dont know this till now. Its ok atleast she did better than our so called heroines. Keep it up.

Sensible Choices:

Supporting Roles, Choreography, Art Direction , Special Effects, Editing, Costumes, Audiography, Make Up, Music Department, Dubbing Department, Screenplay Writers, Actor in negative role, Character Artist, Dialogue writer.

But I seriously bet on Baanam for Dialogues than Sontha ooru. Because sontha ooru is a concept with lengthy emotional dialogues which are very easy for our writers. Where as Baanam has crisp and to the point dialogues.

Best Lyric Writer:

I really dont understand if you write something controversial will you become best lyric writer?? I will abuse in a satirical way every movie member. So will you give me the award?
For the people who dont know Gandhi is, Sirivennela really gave some mind blowing lines. That is what Gandhi is all. He is not some person. He is a personality. I dont think what else jury members want??

Best Cinematography:

Amaravathi!!! Seriously!!!
What about Sarvesh Murari of Prayanam who did an excellent job. What about Senthil of Magadheera??

Best Action:

Come on guys... The last joke of the day... No Peter Heins who injured himself composing for Magadheera and who also composed the famous 100 men fight. I think this is an open joke giving Ram-Laxman and that too for some childish Ride.

And To satisfy everyone, the jury gave out special jury to Ram Charan, Srikanth, Genelia, Raghu Kunche, Raju Maharaju.

Enjoy Guys.... Awards dont define movies. Its the audience who decides what movies are. And we seriously need 1 good movie instead of 100 crap movies.

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Anonymous said...

waht abt sonu sood........? he did much efficient job than tarakaratna

psycho laga act cheste award ichestara?

Ram Manohar Bokkisa said...

Yes exactly.... already they gave the nandi last time to sou sood .. so y wasting another :P it might be the attitude of the members.... anyways tarakaratna was struggling so this award can be encouraging for him...

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